Fitness, Spa, Salon at BeneFIT Studio

Fitness, Spa, Salon at BeneFIT Studio

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Fran DiBattista in front of BeneFIT Studio.

BeneFIT Studio is appropriately named, as clients enjoy the benefits of a three-in-one wellness studio that combines a fitness studio, salon and spa, all under one roof.


According to BeneFIT Studio’s founder Fran DiBattista, building a comfortable environment where visitors can feel at home was an important goal of the business. “This is why we first opened in a small house/storefront,” DiBattista explains.


BeneFIT Studio opened five years ago this fall in a space located on Columbia Parkway. During its first year of business, the studio featured only fitness services, but in the next few years added Aveda Salon and Aveda Spa services.


“After year two, [our Columbia Parkway space] was busting at the seams and I was able to design and renovate our current location on Eastern Ave,” says DiBattista. “There is nothing comparable to the space we’re in or the complete wellness facility we have created!” The current studio location, on Eastern Ave., features original plated ceilings, exposed brick and rustic hardwood. BeneFIT Studio also offers amenities such as private shower rooms stocked with Aveda products, salon and fitness staff with top notch educations and certifications, and a menu of services that has something for everyone,” DiBattista adds.


DiBattista is certainly an expert when it comes to fitness and wellness. “I was a full time personal trainer and group fitness instructor for about eight years before heading down this road,” she says. “I even had an exercise video for kids that was sold nationally, but like so many small business ventures, I got stopped when the need to make money became more pressing than the speed the project was moving.” Rather than give up on her small business dreams, DiBattista decided to take a chance and open BeneFIT Studio. “This project, the studio, was started with me, myself and I and $2,000.”


BeneFIT Studio has grown into a successful business and hopes to keep growing. Right now, the studio is offering a groupon deal for people to come and try out their Bootcamp workout program. At the end of August, the spa will begin to offer a new service called dermaplaning, and will give guests a chance to explore this treatment at a discounted price for the last week in August.


“Everyone leaves feeling better than when they arrived,” DiBattista says of BeneFIT Studio. “This is our mission and it makes our facility a special place to be!”


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