Flash Spa Brings the Spa to You

Flash Spa Brings the Spa to You

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Liz Wu, founder of Flash Spa

Heard of a flash mob? One local is lady applying the same concept to spa treatments with a “flash spa,” where you can surprise your friends, family or co-workers with a little R&R.


Liz Wu, founder and creator of Flash Spa, says its namesake and inspiration comes from the concept of a “Flash Mob,” which suddenly assemble a group of people to perform an atypical act for a brief time, often for the purpose of entertainment. “I’ve participated in a few flash mobs, and I love that you might see someone sitting on a park bench looking tired, but then the surprise of the flash mob brightens up that person’s day,” says Wu.


Wu had the idea of creating a similar effect, but with quick spa treatments instead. She wanted to incorporate the quick pick-me-up feeling of the flash mob into her area of expertise. “Personally, I love surprises, and most women enjoy pampering,” Wu says. Her background in skin care and jewelry sales led her to start thinking that a “flash spa” might be feasible. “I asked myself, why couldn’t that happen?” says Wu. “Then I thought, well, maybe it could.”


Wu says the Flash Spa is set to launch in September. The idea, she says, is to serve a large group of people at a time and provide a one-minute massage (performed by a licensed massage therapist), a mini hand “facial” or treatment, and a fun gift bag for each member of the group.



As far as Flash Spa’s personnel goes, right now there is no fixed group of staff members. “The idea is to have a rotating group of professionals who can cater to any event, with the foundation always being a combination of skin care and some form of massage,” Wu says. She is currently collaborating with a massage therapist and Kelli Gilbert, a skin care expert.


“Flash Spa is great as a surprise for a baby shower, birthday party or happy hour,” Wu says. “It brings a little brightness to everyone’s day. You could even have Flash Spa come to an office meeting as a nice icebreaker.”


Customers can tailor their Flash Spa experience however they like, says Wu, from the time the experience takes to what is offered in the gift bags. Flash Spa can serve a group of 12 people in 15 minutes, according to Wu. However, depending on the needs of the group, the experience can last up to an hour. Gift bags may include various skin care products and jewelry, though this may be subject to what the group organizer wants.


To get the word out about Flash Spa, Wu is planning to offer several free events out in the community. Visitors can experience firsthand what Flash Spa is all about. The events will take place in various businesses around Cincinnati. An event is in the works at Essencha Tea House, and more are soon to come.


Once Flash Spa gets rolling, Wu is certainly interested in expanding the business. She welcomes suggestions for different services to add to Flash Spa’s repertoire. “If there are any specific requests, please post them on our Facebook page, and we will definitely take the feedback into account,” Wu says. Additionally, ideas of shops or businesses for Flash Spa to visit are welcome on the Facebook page as well.


‚Ä®For more information about Flash Spa, email Liz Wu at flashspacincy@gmail.com or check out Flash Spa’s Facebook page here.