Frames For Your Face Shape

Frames For Your Face Shape

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101711BEAUTY.jpgBecause eyewear is the new shoe, fab frames are a must-have for any fashionista. But which ones should you get?


Determining your face shape is the first step to finding the right frame, says Emily Johnson, marketing manager at Thoma & Sutton Eye-Care. There are seven basic face shapes: round, heart, square, oval, oblong, triangular and diamond.


The Round Face Shape: People with round faces have wide foreheads and round chins. Rounded faces tend to be short in height and lack any dramatic angles. The round face has soft curves, full cheeks and a round chin. Celebrities with round face shapes are Christina Ricci, Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet.


TIPS — To find the right frame for this face shape, choose glasses that are wider than they are deep. If you wear glasses that are deeper, your face will appear even shorter. When you choose a wider style, your face will appear longer. Try angular and narrow frames – this will add definition to your facial features. Stay away from big round glasses: They will make your face shape look even more round. Try sticking with deep colors like black or tortoise. Those colors will help minimize the roundness of your face.


The Heart Face Shape: People with heart-shaped faces have large foreheads, narrow jaw lines, high cheekbones and narrow chins. Celebrities with heart-shaped faces include Ashley Judd, Tyra Banks and Jennifer Love Hewitt.


TIPS — To pick the right glasses that fit this face shape, choose frames that are wider at the bottom: This helps to offset the narrow chin. This face shape works well with both angular and round glasses. Lighter-colored round frames can balance and soften the wide forehead. Rimless and Cat-eye glasses are great for balancing this face shape. Avoid large frames and bold colors.


The Square Face Shape: People with square face shapes have strong, prominent jaw lines, deep foreheads, wide cheekbones and broad, square chins. This face shape is extremely angular. Celebrities with this face shape include Sandra Bullock, Jessica Simpson and Demi Moore.


TIPS — When choosing glasses for this face shape, try frames that are wider than they are deep. Glasses that are round or oval will counteract the strong angles that are already present with this face shape. These frames will also soften and add more curves to your face. Narrow, oval frames minimize your angular features. Be adventurous and try cat-eye or butterfly style frames. Stay away from those square-shaped frames!


The Oval Face Shape: An oval face shape is considered to be the best face shape, because it is well-balanced. People with oval face shapes have narrow foreheads and jaw lines, with the chin slightly narrower than the forehead. Oval faces normally have high cheekbones as well. Many times, oval faces come with smaller facial features. Celebrities with this face shape include Sarah Michelle Gellar, Cameron Diaz and Britney Spears.


TIPS — If you have an oval-shaped face, you are lucky! Oval faces are the easiest face shape for which to find glasses. Oval faces can wear practically any frame – round or angular. To keep those great proportions in check, you might want to choose frames that are as wide as or wider than the broadest part of your face. Avoid frames that are oversized: They will take away from your great features.


The Oblong Face Shape: This face is much longer than it is wide. Sometimes an oblong face shape will have a long nose and a straight vertical line associated with the cheekbones. Celebrities with an oblong face shapes are Paris Hilton, Liv Tyler and Sarah Jessica Parker.


TIPS — For the best look, choose frames that are wider, as these will break up the face’s length. For the oblong face shape, you want to cover as much of the center of the face as possible. This will minimize its length. Go with wider frames that are also tall top to bottom or have a good bit of depth. Avoid small, narrow, square-shaped frames. Those types of frames will emphasize your angular features.


The Triangular Face Shape: This face is narrower at the forehead and gets wider at the cheeks and chin. Celebrities with this face shape are Bette Midler and Geena Davis.


TIPS — Choose frames that are going to take the attention to the top half of your face. Good choices include semi-rimless glasses and frames that are heavily decorated on the top half of the frame. Cat-eye frames are ideal for this face shape, because they draw the eye upward and make the face seem more balanced. Stay away from bold colors.


The Diamond Face Shape: A person with a diamond-shaped face has a narrow jaw line, a narrow eye line, high cheekbones and a small chin. Celebrities with diamond-shaped faces include Katherine Hepburn, Felicity Huffman and Kim Raver.


TIPS — To find the right style eyeglasses for a diamond-shaped face is to go with styles that emphasize those stunning cheekbones and highlight the eyes, such as rimless, oval or cat-eye-shaped glasses. Look for frames that have detailing along the top or heavy brow lines.


Your coloring should also be considered when picking out your specs. If you have light hair, you want to stick with lighter brown or tan frames, Johnson says. If you have darker hair, go with the darker browns or black frames. Also, if you have fair skin, don’t go with a frame with a lot of print.


"For those with fair skin, you want to go with something more basic," Johnson says. "Darker skins can get away with wearing more print frames. But again, for the best look, stick with the darker colored frames."


As for trends, Johnson says she’s seeing lots of geek chic glasses. "People are going for the nerdy look with the thicker and bigger frames," she says. "I’ve seen more people interested in the darker frames and more of a square shape. People are starting to explore new designs with glasses, which is great because glasses are ways to express who you are and show your personality."