Glam by Chenese Bean

Glam by Chenese Bean

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A local makeup artist is launching a new lip product line that’s designed for every woman - from the Tomboy to the glam girl. Read on for all the decked-out details.

040615BEAUTY2Chenese Bean says it’s her clients who inspired her latest venture – a collection of lip products called Glam by Chenese Bean. The makeup pro says that when she applies lip products to a client, she always sees it as a process.

“Depending on the makeup look I’m producing or the nature of why I’m even doing makeup, I’ll use a lip primer, lip liner, lipstick and gloss,” she explains. “There are other times where I’ll only use two out of the four. All of this gives me the ability to actually enhance one’s lip shape and the outcome always amazes my clients.”

She adds that the purpose of her lip line is to cater to everyone, from those who wear less makeup to those who want to “go all out glam.” For Bean, her new line is about confidence.040615BEAUTY

“What woman, while looking in the mirror after she’s applied a lip product of some sort, will look at herself with confidence and pucker her lips a.k.a. the kiss face?,” she laughs.

Bean’s line, which she plans to launch in late August 2015, will be a collection of lip products that include various textures of lipsticks such as matte, sheer, creamy, glitter and pearl, lip glosses and lip treatments. Price points for the products Bean will feature in her line will range from $10 to $22.

In addition to her new lip line, Bean says that she plans to bring on other beauty products as well including mascara, blush, foundation and a limited edition of Glam by Chenese Bean-scented candles that smell just as fabulous as they look.

Bean says that the website for Glam by Chenese Bean will soon launch and you can click here to receive updates. She adds that she’s also looking for retail stores to carry her beauty line.