Gloss Lash & Makeup Studio’s New Location, App

Gloss Lash & Makeup Studio’s New Location, App

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A local lash expert recently relocated to the Reading Bridal District and launched a new app where you can virtually try out lash extensions. Read on for all the lash-batting details.

GLOSS Lash Studio relocated to the Reading Bridal District and launched a new app.

Lash bars are quickly gaining popularity around the country but Tracey Tracy, owner of GLOSS Lash Studio, was ahead of the curve. Tracy opened GLOSS Lash Studio in January 2008 (formally Advanced Permanent Cosmetics) with a main focus on eyelash extension and features like brow extensions and airbrush makeup. Tracy relocated her business to the Reading Bridal District in January 2015 with plans to further expand their current location or add more GLOSS locations.

Tracy says the inspiration for GLOSS comes from as far back as 2nd grade. “I remember as far back as 2nd grade. We were assigned the project ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ and I wanted to be a makeup artist,” she says. She loves the inspiration that comes from the services she offers. “I love helping women bring out their best features, empowering them and helping them feeling overall good about themselves inside and out after leaving GLOSS.”

Tracy says their services at GLOSS help women feel like the best version of themselves include eyelash and brow extensions, lash and brow tinting, brow shaping/threading and makeup services. Additionally, they offer training and certification for those wishing to join the field of lash artistry.

Of these services, Tracy answers which is the most popular without skipping a beat – “Eyelash Extensions…they are game changers. No more mascara.” These services range in price from $100-125 (for full sets) and $50 for fill-ins. Tracy says all pricing is available at

As if the move into Reading Bridal District wasn’t already exciting enough for GLOSS, they also just launched an app for their services. This app gives users the opportunity to virtually “try on” the lashes. “It is like looking into a magic mirror,” Tracy says. “It is live, not a still shot. They can blink, turn their head and the lashes stay right on their eyes.”

Tracy says the app is helpful, as many people in the midwest are still hesitant about the safety, cost, and natural look of extensions. “Now with the app, they can select the length and thickness and see the lashes on their own eyes and they are instantly like ‘sign me up,’” Tracy says.

GLOSS is located at 118 W Benson St Cincinnati, OH. To learn more, visit or visit them on Facebook.