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Grace Green Beauty

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Tempal Hill, founder of Grace Green Beauty (photo courtesy of Sarah Kathryn Photography)

Grace Green Beauty was created when the owner, Tempal Hitt, couldn’t find a lotion that didn’t contain chemicals and preservatives. That’s when she created a lotion that’s safe enough to eat, eco-friendly, cruelty free and has 101 uses.


“Being a licensed cosmetologist, I work in the business of beauty and wanted to achieve healthy beautiful skin without all the harmful chemicals and useless fillers that were on the market,” says Hitt. “Our point of difference is that we use concentrated formulations of certified organic ingredients including raw butters, cold-pressed oils and essential oils.”


“If a preservative is needed, we use only the safest food-grade, ECO-cert approved, preservative,” she explains. The molecules in the products are small enough to penetrate and feed the skin, making every product anti-aging and nutritious for the skin. “We package in glass, and make everything by hand,” explains Hitt. She adds that her products contain no: parabens, petro-chemicals, phthalates, sulfates, artificial preservatives, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrance, or anything knowingly harmful.


Grace Green Beauty is a family owned business. “All three of our young children play a part, shredding recycled drawings they have done for packaging, and placing stickers on the sample jars,” Hitt adds. “My husband does the packaging and I create the products by hand.”


“Our website launched on January 13, 2014 and everything has taken off like crazy,” says Hitt. In fact, within the first three weeks of the launch, Hitt was asked by Dr. Oz to send samples. “His team loved our products and they are considering Grace Green Beauty for a segment in upcoming show,” she explains. In addition to that, Kim Harper Salon and Spa, a high-end salon Mason, is now carrying the skin care line. “Other local businesses that carry our line include Sara’s House, a unique and lovely home decor items and a gift shop, and Ell Farm an organic vitamin store,” Hitt says. “Our biggest news is still top secret, but you will be seeing Grace in a particular health-centered store very soon.”


Hitt says the best part about her experience with creating Grace Green Beauty is the feedback. “I get constant messages and complements from people who have seen a noticeable change in their skin,” she explains. “This is simply because they are feeding their skin organic nutrients. Skin is the largest organ of the human body; therefore, it needs to be fed just like all the other organs. It makes me thrilled to know that my products are making a difference to individuals across the nation, as well as the environment.”


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