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When this cosmetologist became a mom, she wanted to use only the best, all-natural products on her baby’s skin. That proved to be quite a difficult task, so she began making her own. Read on for all the details.

Tempal Grace Hitt, Founder of Grace Green Beauty

Tempal Grace Hitt is a self-proclaimed Chief Honest Stuff Maker. Trained as a cosmetologist, she’s the founder of Grace Green Beauty, a line of naturally-made beauty products that are sold locally and online.

Hitt says that she first became interested in the effect of beauty products on our hair and skin during her childhood, beauty products that she was around everyday because her parents were both stylists.

“Then, when my first child was born, my passion peaked,” she explains. “I wanted to ensure that anything that came into contact with my baby’s skin was not only harmless, but beneficial.”

She adds that there was no amount of money that could buy the level of natural goodness she wanted for her son. “ShinyHiney baby wipes were quickly born, followed by BodyFood moisturizer,” Hitt says. “I had found a way to eliminate my son’s skin afflictions and honor the planet at the same time by using what Mother Nature has naturally given us.”

Before long, Hitt had 13 more products that were developed and she was running her own business, which was developed in part with her mentor, Frederich Holzberger, who worked side-by-side with Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher, a pioneer in developing plant-based products without toxic chemicals.

As Hitt’s team and business continue to grow, her family has become more involved. Her husband is her biggest supporter and her three children even join in on the fun and help with packaging and recycling. “Our commitment to staying green means we use recyclable containers for all of our products,” says Hitt.

Grace Green Beauty currently offers 15 different products, all designed to feed the body’s largest organ–the skin. “I personally make them in small batches from the very best certified organic, cold-pressed oils and raw/unrefined butters,” Hitt explains.

She says that she doesn’t use parabens, petro-chemicals, phthalates, sulfates, artificial preservatives, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrance or animal testing in any of her products.

InkDrink tattoo care has gained in popularity because it is one of the few products on the market that can soothe the pain of a tattoo while keeping the skin soft and maintaining the tattoo’s color. BodyFood moisturizer feeds the skin and is perfect for people of all ages–including infants. Around this time of year is when Hitt sees a rise in demand for the BuzzOff Natural Bug Repellant. Pitclay is a natural deodorant and TheSerum treats damaged, scarred and aging skin. CLEAN Oil cleanser is a deep cleaning product that unclogs pores and combats oil while PEACEful Face Nourishment works for various skin types. There are also several baby products available from Grace Green Beauty including ShinyHiney baby wipe solution.

The products from Grace Green Beauty are affordable while maintaining a high-quality. Everything Chapped (chapstick) is $3.99 while the InkDrink for tattoos is $16, although Hitt says it will last a while. The BuzzOff Natural Bug Repellant is priced at $14. Hitt says that customers can get real value with the Grace Boxes.

Hitt develops her ideas for new products based on needs she sees on a daily basis. Currently, she’s preparing to release two new facial exfoliants: one is a self-activated facial exfoliant while the other is already in mud form and ready to use. “Both exfoliants feature red sandalwood powder, a natural complexion brightener,” explains Hitt.

She adds that she’s also working on sunscreen, multiple facial toners and expanding her oil cleanser to two other cleansers.

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