Headshot Event

Headshot Event

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A local fashion designer leverages her eye for style at an event that'll add some haute to your next headshot.

Professional headshot taken by Aaron Conway

From social media and Google searches to e-introductions and video conference calls, most first impressions are made online in today’s business climates.

That’s why Chelsea Cutrell is leveraging her experience and connections as a design/styling consultant to host a Headshot Event. Cutrell says attendees will leave with professional headshots that support that support their career and branding needs, as well as learning from experts in various image development fields.

“Each member of our team has experience with portrait sessions and events,” Cutrell explains, “but this is a new style of event hosted by a coffee shop that caters to business professionals who work on the go or need a change of scenery from the office.”

Example of a client headshot taken by Tracy Doyle

Cutrell wanted to focus on the convenience of taking headshots in this way. She knows how hard it can be to devote the effort and time it takes to curate the perfect image. She says she wanted to make it as simple as ordering a cup of Joe.

“This type of event highlights my work as a wardrobe and prop stylist, as well as a fashion design/styling consultant, and custom designer,” she explains. “It is a great way to introduce people to my areas of expertise and how those can support their personal career path and business marketing needs.”

When it comes to the members of her team, Stefani Carol and Tracy Doyle, Cutrell says, “Stefani is a licensed makeup artist and Tracy is a photographer. I respect their work in the industry, as we are all passionate about our craft and we enjoy showing people what we have to offer creatively to help them succeed and feel their best. Stefani has trained her team by instilling high standards for makeup and hair styling. Tracy and I have collaborated on many projects, including published work. Our team is always one step ahead of the clients’ needs on set.”

Doyle started Tracy Doyle Photography after 15 years of assisting some of the best professionals in the business in both commercial and event photography. She focuses on fashion, commercial, and portrait photography with a motto of “We can help tell your story in pictures.”

The headshot events are one-day in format, and participants can select a window of time during the day that works best for them. “Our focus for this headshot event is on business professionals who need collateral for their marketing materials and who may have other photography/styling needs in the future,” Cutrell says. “We decided upon this one-day event format, because it allows us to help many people invest in themselves. Our collaborative process reduces the clients’ stress about having a portrait taken.”

Example of Cutrell’s fashion design work taken by Tracy Doyle. Sabrina Ellison of Heyman Talent Agency.

Cutrell says she will leverage her wardrobe and prop styling experience at the event. “I will consult with the clients on which pieces to wear during our session and make sure everything is in place on set while the photographer takes the photos,” she adds. “We work as a team to help the clients feel comfortable and confident during the photo session.”

Cutrell graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program, studying fashion design. “I primarily focus on custom designed garments, working with small businesses to develop products, commercial and editorial wardrobe styling, and I create special items that are infused with healing energy,” Cutrell says. “I am selling a variety of garments, accessories, and apothecary products at local boutiques in Cincinnati. I enjoy using my craft to help others forge their own paths in life.”

All future headshot events are at Cocoon Coffee in Mason on January 4, April 12, July 19, and October 11. Their headshot event link for January is: https://TracyDoyleHeadShotEvent.as.me/CocoonCoffee.