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Higher Branches

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Higher Braches in OTR offers classes and spa services to strengthen women and build the community 

Higher Branches, an OTR-based non profit organization, is branching out to offer free classes and services to strengthen the community.


Higher Branches is a community space focused on revitalizing and strengthening the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. “We build relationships, bring encouragement and touch hundreds of lives every week with positive experiences,” says the Higher Branches Volunteer Director, Wendy Lorenz. “Everything we do is free and open to anyone to participate.”


Higher Branches has been offering their Spiritual Spa program, a weekly open-to-the-public pamper event, for two years now. It was started by a few volunteers who simply wanted to care for other women and reduce their stress. “Women tend to be the main caregivers, but rarely take the time or have the money to care for themselves,” explains Lorenz. “We focus on creating the ultimate spa-like experience with wonderful smelling candles, yummy tea and cookies, soft music and luxurious lotions.”


The Spiritual Spa events are offered every Friday afternoon at the Spiritual Spa located at 1341 Main Street from 2:00 p.m-4:00 p.m.


“We have volunteers that offer neck and hand massages for a little physical pampering and we offer prayer for spiritual pampering,” says Lorenz. “In fact, we have pampered over 350 women since we have opened.” Lorenz adds that they’re always looking for new volunteers to join the fun and make a difference in participants’ lives.


“There have been many repeat guests and smiles all around,” says Lorenz. “Plus, we have even taken our spa experience on the road by joining other non-profits, such as St. Vincent DePaul, at their events to pamper their women.”


The organization currently has more than 12 active programs with new ones being offered every month. All programs are free and open to the public. “It is really fun to offer something so unexpected, with no strings attached, to women who really need it,” says Lorenz.


Classes at Higher Branches vary from art classes, a book club, prayer meetings or other gatherings. “Most programs are volunteer-led, so what is being offered can change month to month,” says Lorenz. “We offer our space to people who are passionate about bringing hope to OTR.” The Higher Branches website is updated each month to share what is new.


For more information, visit higherbranches.org or visit their Facebook page.