The Honey Hut Beauty Bar Boutique

The Honey Hut Beauty Bar Boutique

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Learn about a local beauty mecca that encourages people to embrace a natural lifestyle by providing healthy hair and skin products.

static1.squarespaceAfter graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a BA in Journalism and the Art Institute of Ohio with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, Charell Frazier embarked on her entrepreneurial journey. She and Danielle Williams began working on the Honey Hut Beauty Bar Boutique in the summer of 2012, opening their doors in March of 2014.

“We wanted to create a place where men and women could embrace a natural lifestyle by providing products that encourage healthy hair and skin while also providing apparel, accessories and jewelry that bring enlightenment about multiculturalism,” explains Frazier. Multiculturalism is the co-existence of diverse cultures. The two noticed Cincinnati lacked a major beauty company that focused on this blending of cultures and decided to make a change. “There wasn’t a place like this anywhere in the tri-state area, and we felt there was a need for a place like ours,” Frazier says.

The Honey Hut thrives on being unique, right down to the very products they sell. “Our company is different from other beauty brands because we bring our consumers products that you wouldn’t be able to find while doing your daily shopping. We source products from all over and they are all natural, organic and handmade,” Frazier states. With all natural products, the Honey Hut encourages people to embrace a simpler lifestyle that can’t be obtained through more mainstream products. Many of their products are also made locally, which is a big selling point for people in the Tri-State area.

“We help people embrace their natural lifestyle by exposing them to nature’s finest ingredients, and by helping them to understand why those things are beneficial for their skin. If you’re going to embrace being vegetarian, vegan, organic, and holistic for the betterment of your body internally, then you should do so externally as well,” Frazier claims. The Honey Hut works to provide quality products for people who are looking to make a healthier change in their lives on the surface.

The Honey Hut carries a multitude of soaps, body butters, and other hair and skin care products. In addition to those, they also sell handcrafted accessories, incense, and vintage clothing, all of which help people go one step further in feeling great about what is on their body.

On the topic of multiculturalism in the beauty industry, Frazier says, “One cannot exist without the other. So many of the great ingredients, jewels, gemstones, designs, etc. come from other diverse cultures and it is embracing multiculturalism that allows everything to come together to create one amazing product. For example, a butter from Ghana, oil from Morocco, and a scent from Egypt all come together to create an amazing body butter.” The combination of cultures brings their products to life.

To learn more about the Honey Hut Beauty Bar Boutique, visit their website.