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Ingredient Detective

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Ciara Dwyer, founder of the Ingredient Detective


Did you know that the European Union bans more than 1,400 toxic chemicals and the U.S. only bans nine? That’s just one reason why Ciara Dwyer launched the Ingredient Detective.


“I wanted a page to increase awareness and share tips, tricks and thought-provoking information on living toxin-free,” says Dwyer, who is also an Ava Anderson Affiliate. “My goal is to inspire others to become an ingredient detective themselves. As Ava Anderson says, ‘The truth is in the ingredients, the rest is just marketing.'”


Dywer’s journey began when she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). “This environmental disease affects my hormones and ability to conceive,” she explains. “My number one concern is the effect it has on my endocrine system. Our endocrine system is responsible for all biological processes of the body. So, it’s a vital part in remaining healthy.”


Two years ago, Dwyer left a successful retail career to live a life focused on health and wellness. “My husband and I wanted a life conducive to having a family,” says Dwyer. “Creating a home and body that was toxin-free was our first goal, but this is easier said than done.”


She began researching everything she and her family consumed, and was shocked at what she found. “I was on the Environmental Working Group’s website looking up my ‘SoftLips’ which scored a horrible 8 out 10 for toxicity — 10 being the worst — and it was linked to being an endocrine disruptor,” explains Dwyer. “It was then that I became an Ingredient Detective and started looking up everything in the house. I found that 99.9% of everything in my house was toxic, even the products that claimed to be organic, natural and pure.”


Cigarettes, Dwyer says, at least have a warning. “Shouldn’t our toothpaste, lotions, deodorant, cleaning products and candles have the same warning if they are linked to cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s and other environmental diseases?” she asks. “I believe we have a basic human right to know what is in the products we consume and put on our bodies and babies.”

Through her Ingredient Detective page, Dwyer now posts daily — if not twice daily — with links to articles, new research findings, and helpful information.


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