Introduce Your Skin to Face It Spa

Introduce Your Skin to Face It Spa

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Owner of Face It Spa, Giovanni Finocchiaro

Let’s face it. Face It Spa isn’t your typical “treat and go” kind of place. Owner Giovanni Finocchiaro likes to build a long-term relationship with your skin so he can learn what works best, and how to render radiant results that are unique to you.


After working at several other spas, Finocchiaro realized that making people look and feel good was something he wanted to do at a spa he could call his own. “I know it sounds corny, but I just really love skincare,” says Finocchiaro. “I’ve always loved making people look and feel great.”


With a father who came from Sicily to pursue the American dream, Finocchiaro knew what a strong work ethic looked like. He used his father’s persistence and perseverance as inspiration to open his own spa, now known as Face It Spa.


Face It Spa is located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati on 229 West Ninth Street. Open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, one would think Face It Spa had a large team producing around-the-clock skincare for clients. Instead, it’s just Finocchiaro. This is what makes Face It Spa special.


“It’s super small and personalized; a boutique spa,” says Finocchiaro. “I get to know my clients’ skin and stand behind everything I do.”


Finocchiaro has come to know many skin types throughout his career and guarantees that there is a treatment for everyone.


According to Finocchiaro, the most innovative treatment is his oxy peel. With a combination of an oxygen treatment and a chemical peel, you get the exfoliating, yet nutrition-induced results. Finocchiaro says the duo works to brighten and rejuvenate skin.


“You definitely see a glowing result,” says Finocchiaro. To help more women glow, Face It Spa is offering discounts on the oxygen treatment, chemical peel and the combination through the end of February.


However, if you’re looking for the most popular option, Finocchiaro says the resurfacing peels are hands-down the top treatments. “There are different types and purposes for the peels,” he explains, “ranging from aging and acne, to preventative and corrective peels.”


What Giovanni recommends the most, however, is to take advantage of a complimentary consultation to tell you exactly what is best for your skin. To learn more about Face It Spa, visit To schedule an appointment, email or call at (513)981-1608.