Allusions Hair Replacement’s Jeanne Sheldon

Allusions Hair Replacement’s Jeanne Sheldon

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Jeanne Sheldon

Jeanne Sheldon graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s Fashion Design program and quickly began working in the retail industry. In 2002, after 25 years working in retail for Federated Department stores, she and her husband decided it was time for a change.


“At the time, a dear friend was going through chemotherapy and she asked me to help her select a wig,” says Sheldon. “She knew I had helped both my mother and sister through chemotherapy as well as my interest in both fashion and style.”


They visited Allusions, and she was immediately intrigued. “While I had very little working knowledge of the process, I was quite impressed by the scope of their work, and the impact it had on their clients,” says Sheldon. “When we left the salon, my friend was thrilled with her new look and I was impressed by her beauty and self-confidence.”


After a few weeks passed, Sheldon continued to think about Allusions and the impact it had on her friend’s life. “I believed I could help people through this traumatic time by blending my own real-life experience — helping my mother and sister through chemotherapy and seeing the effect that genetic thinning and balding has on everyone in my family — with my creativity and interest in helping people look and feel their best,” she says.


To much surprise, a few weeks later, the owner of Allusions was looking to sell her business and relocate. “While it was surreal, the timing couldn’t have been better, and I jumped at the opportunity with encouragement from my family and friends,” says Sheldon.


“Now, 12 years later, with a beautiful facility and an incredible staff, I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life,” says Sheldon. “I’ve been humbled and touched by so many of the men and women at Allusions, and I look forward to serving the needs of those experiencing hair thinning and hair loss for many years to come!”


With Allusions’ growth amplifying every year, Sheldon’s biggest goal is to continue on with their mission of helping people with hair loss or thinning hair. Her inspiration to do so comes from the satisfaction she gains in helping other people restore their confidence.


As the hair replacement industry continues to change and evolve, new technologies are coming out every year. However, this is what makes Sheldon love her profession. “What I love most is that everyday is different. I can help people and motivate my staff thru our combined passion,” she says. Allusions staff travels for training every year to learn the latest advancements available. “Just this past year, we added Cesare Ragazzi technology with the most beautiful hair in the world to our assortment,” says Sheldon. “Our entire staff was trained in Cleveland just three weeks ago, so we can offer this to our customers in 2015.”


Sheldon’s biggest setback occurred this past year when the polar vortex froze their pipes in the salon, causing major damages to the facility. “Our staff and our outside resources, including the Montgomery Fire Department, came to our aid,” she says. “We were able to be back servicing our clients the next day, but the rehabilitation of the facility took three months and our customers were very understanding.”


In looking forward to the new year, Sheldon and the Allusions team are working to continue to get their message out about increasing their social network presence. “We want people who have challenges with hair loss of thinning hair to know that there is a caring, confidential place that can help them restore or replace their hair,” says Sheldon. “We offer complimentary consultations and everything is done in private rooms.”


According to Sheldon, they also aim to offer every solution for hair loss or thinning hair and make it available at Allusions. “We want to continue to offer excellent service and the very latest technologies,” says Sheldon.


To learn more about Allusions Hair Replacement Company, visit “We also have a Facebook page and blog that is very informative,” Sheldon adds.