Jim Brofft Salon Central

Jim Brofft Salon Central

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We chat with the visionary behind the salon that opened in OTR before the revitalization began. Learn about the inspiration behind the concept and what’s next on their hair-perfecting horizons.

Jim Broft Salon Central
Jim Broft Salon Central offers high-end, quality services in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.

Jim Brofft Salon Central serves Cincinnati’s stylish professionals seeking high-end services in an open, yet minimalist setting. Owner, Jim Brofft after developing his craft with Paragon and Saks Fifth Avenue ventured out on his own. He opened Salon Central’s doors in 2009, bringing over 25 years of experience with him.

Brofft explained that while looking for the space that would become Salon Central he recognized that “Over-the-Rhine (OTR) was on the tip of a major renaissance. I wanted to be on the ground floor of that exciting movement,” he says.

Salon Central located in the American Building, an art Art Deco masterpiece in the booming Gateway Quarter of OTR, is a gleaming example of the growth that Downtown Cincinnati is experiencing.

Whether you’re looking for an update on your current style or a complete makeover Salon Central is designed to deliver the wow factor every appointment. “We can take a client as far out on a limb as he or she would like to go or stay in their comfort zone,” Brofft says.


It’s the consistent results that keep people coming back. “We strike a balance between cutting-edge techniques and up-to-the-minute smart trends with the needs and desires of our clients,” Brofft says.

A big part of the reason that Salon Central is able to deliver great hair, each appointment is the handpicked staff. “The stylists are talented professionals who grow every day in their careers,” Brofft says. A key part of that growth is continuing education and it seems like the stylists at Central Salon take it pretty seriously. Brofft told us one of his stylists just went to New York City for a multi-day training to sharpen her cutting skills.

Brofft is artistic as he is business savvy. A trend he didn’t get swept up in was continuous expansion. “It’s tempting to expand, but often it’s more challenging to keep doing what you do and not lose focus. Meeting the needs of our clients always comes first,” he says.

Since rolling out online booking and expanding their hours setting up an appointment with your favorite stylist is easier than ever.

Jim Brofft Salon Central is located at 305 East Central Parkway in Downtown Cincinnati. To learn more, visit them at www.jimbroft.com or like them on Facebook.