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See how one makeup artist duo is following their passion with two businesses to beautify, educate and style women and kids.

Jami Shell and Jessica Manis, Founders and Owners of J&J Beauty.

Jami Shell and Jessica Manis met in 2004 working as makeup artists. Both have since grown from young girls and artists into developed and passionate business owners, best friends, wives, and mothers.

Not in that order, the joke. In fact, launching the “passion project” of J&J Beauty together came out of wanting to pursue personal passions and maintain individual identities outside of their mother and wife roles.

As part owners of the Cincinnati based company, EyeDo Makeup and Hair, Shell and Manis built a solid name for themselves in the wedding industry. Shell and Manis perform on location makeup and hair styling, with more than 20 years of experience, the two also work as consultants, providing training classes for women to explore and learn how to apply what’s in their makeup bag. They also allow the class to experiment with new products, adding not only to their makeup bags, but their self-confidence.

In an effort to separate the world of weddings and fashion, they opened J&J Beauty Cosmetics as an outlet to creatively express who they are through styling services and editorial work. “Although bridal work is a lot of fun, it is not the end all for this dynamic duo,” they say on their website, adding that the last few years have taken them on a whole new journey.

From editorial hair and makeup to developing their own cosmetic line, the two have been quite busy. Shell and Manis say that they use their hair/makeup services and training classes to bounce ideas off of the women. “We as makeup artist have a completely different view than a consumer would…it allows us to look at things differently,” says Shell, adding that they want to provide the best quality and experience for their customers, and this feedback allows them to do just that.

The hard work is starting to pay off, as they’re earning national accolades and opportunities. Shell and Manis say they are working on a celebrity wedding in July and a possible New York Fashion Week appearance. “It’s like unknown waters…because you’re always pushing yourself and making yourself better,” says Shell. “The day that you stop worrying about being a better artists, is the day that you should just sit your brushes down and do something else.”

To learn more, contact J&J Beauty at (937) 371-5212 or jandjbeautycosmetics@gmail.com or click here to visit their website.