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Lightbox Salon

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A new salon is calling Erie Ave. home, and it’s adding lots of light and beauty to the community. Keep reading to learn more.


Samantha Theobald and Ashley Reichard, Co-owners of Lightbox Salon.

From cuts and styles to colors and curls, Samantha Theobald and Ashley Reichard, co-owners of Lightbox Salon, are helping ladies and gents stay up-to-date with their hair care regimen, finding a look that’s unique to them.

With Theobald and Reichard being in the cosmetology industry for more than 10 years, they decided it was time to branch out and create a space of their own. Before officially opening Lightbox in June 2017, Theobald and Reichard noticed many beautiful things about their new salon, primary of which were boxes of sunlight that flooded the salon.

That eventually led to the business name, along with hoping their clients feel lighter and brighter when they leave. “We decided to go out on our own to create a space that encourages community with other entrepreneurs and build into the people we serve on a daily basis,” says Theobald. “We are very passionate about being the best at our craft. We have a smaller, more intimate space that is light-hearted and calm. We especially love our countertop workspace where clients can sit and work while they visit.”

Theobald says with the amount of time she has spent in the beauty industry, it can be hard to progress in it unless you open up your own salon. With Theobald and Reichard wanting to have their own schedules and a little more freedom, the decided to look for their own salon space. “Our salon is set up a bit different than most,” Theobald says. “We both set our own schedules around what works best for our clients and for us, so each week there’s the possibility that it will be different from the last. We do all of our own booking, which helps us be more efficient and is more convenient for our clients. We both typically book about two to three months out, so this allows us to have control of our books, better communication with our clients and, ultimately, provide the best service for them.”

Lightbox Salon offers cuts, color, and highlights.

While Theobald and Reichard love providing a great cut, they specialize in color such as balayage and are Deva curl certified. Deva Curl is a three-step process designed for curly haired clients that is enriched with essential oils which helps to clean, hydrate and gives a style that leaves the frizz behind. Lightbox is big enough for three self-employed stylists and since it’s currently just Theobald and Reichard the prices vary between the two. A general cost for a women’s cut is $65, Men’s cut is $45, a color retouch is $85, an all over color is $125, a full highlight is $160, partial highlight is $125 and a balayage is $210.

With a simplistic, fresh and light-hearted approach, Theobald and Reichard have one motto: “Come as you are,” Theobald says. “It’s as simple as that.”

Lightbox Salon is located at 3423 Erie Ave. To book with Theobald, call or text 513-535-3083. To book with Reichard, call or text 937-286-1736. Prices vary depending on stylist and service. Learn more at