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A local nurse practitioner with more than two decades of women’s health experience launched a new cosmetic injectable spa. Read on for details.

Lisa McMillan spent 23 years in a private practice working as a women’s health nurse practitioner. Then, about a decade ago, she underwent feelings that many women do. She says she didn’t look as young as she felt so she started to do a little research of her own. 

“At the time, I found it difficult to find someone to do a simple Botox treatment, and it was slightly intimidating going into a plastic surgeon’s office – especially since I didn’t feel like I wanted or needed anything close to plastic surgery,” explains McMillan. “So, I decided to learn how to do these treatments myself, with the idea that having a little something done should not be so intimidating or complicated.”

From there, McMillan launched Livio MedSpa, a cosmetic injectable spa. 

“I provide medical grade treatments including Botox, Dysport, fillers, microneedling, and Kybella for body contouring treatments,” she says.

With seven years in the industry now, McMillan says there are several treatment options available at Livio MedSpa. These including all injectable services such as lip fillers, cheek and mid-face fillers, chin augmentations, Scultpra for the temples and midface, Kybella for permanent fat reduction, microneedling for the face and body, and Sculptra BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift). Additionally, Livio MedSpa uses cannula technique as well as sharp needle techniques. 

McMillan says that what makes her medspa unique is that she offers an entire facial rejuvenation approach.

“That means when a client comes into my office, I address the entire face rather than just filling in a particular line or continuing to fill a person’s cheeks just because that’s what they ask for,” she explains. “I will not let someone leave my office looking strange or unnatural. I listen very closely to what bothers a client and then we address the reason. It is hard for a client to know why they are looking tired, but they don’t need to know – that’s my job!” 

You can learn more about Livio MedSpa at There you can find information on all the treatments offered at Livio MedSpa as well as pricing for those treatments. “No one wants to be surprised about cost,” adds McMillan. 

Livio Medspa is located at 3974 RedBank Road in the Phenix Salon Suite. 

You can book an appointment with Livio Medspa by clicking here. You can stay up to date with Livio MedSpa on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.