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She’s always had a passion for pets and photography. So, it seemed only natural for Ashley Johnson to combine her two loves and launch Love Mutt Photography. Since starting the business with her husband, it has become their goal to help beautify your four-legged friends simply by, what Ashley says, "letting them be themselves."

The pet-loving pair has been shooting professionally for the past seven years now. When they’re not out shooting, they’re sharpening their skills to develop new ways of seeing things. They travel nationwide to go to industry conferences to learn first-hand from some of the best in the business.

Ashley and her husband Matt are proud owners of five furry friends. Three dogs: Addison, Ivy, and Naula. Two cats: Wolverine and Sophie. As pet owners, they understand how important your pet is to you and want to make sure the whole photography process is personal, customized and relaxed.
Ashley says, "I want everything to be very personal, and it starts before I ever snap a single shot." When people become clients of Love Mutt Photography, during their initial conversation with Ashley, they will get a questionnaire asking some basic questions about their pets so she can get to know them before they ever meet. Ashley says she does this because, "I like to think of my clients as new friends, so during the session we more or less ‘hang out.’"

In a photography session at Love Mutt Photography, the whole idea is to let pets be themselves. Ashley says, "My job is to make my clients’ pets comfortable around me so I can capture the truth of who they are." This is what really helps her stand out from other pet photographers in Cincinnati, Ashley says.

She explains her style as "clean, candid and fun." And it all goes back to making sure the client, human and pet, are as comfortable as possible.

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