Lynnae Bussell, Fashion Coach

Lynnae Bussell, Fashion Coach

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This local fashion coach believes that style comes from within. Learn how she uses her skills and knowledge to help women develop a positive self-image.


Fashion coach
Fashion Coach Lynnae Bussell helps women build their wardrobe to match style and personality.

As a Fashion Coach, Lynnae Bussell teaches women how to dress their best for their body and improves their confidence. She believes that anyone, not just the elite, should be able to access the services that a fashion coach offers so that each woman can establish a wardrobe to reflect her style and personality.

Bussell was inspired to become a Fashion Coach when she noticed that women want to look beautiful, feel confident, and be well dressed in their daily lives. Her years of being a Fashion Coach has taught her that woman find it difficult to find clothes that fit properly, flatter their skin tone, hair and eye color, and understand their overall personal style. Bussell truly enjoys going through the coaching process to help address these issues women face.

“More than helping women to find a new image on the outside, I want them to know that they beautifully created inside and out,” says Bussell.

Outside her life as a Fashion Coach, Bussell is a Christian Image Consultant and Professional Women’s Speaker. Her consultant and speaker roles are very much intertwined with her job as a Fashion Coach. Bussell balances her work life as a mother to two beautiful daughters and has been married to her husband for the past twenty two years. She is also very active in her church and community.

“As a young girl, I struggled with a lot of personal flaws that affected my self-esteem and self-image,” says Bussell. “When I was about 10 years old I gave my life to Christ which gave me hope and renewed confidence. The sense of hope that I received as a child is part of reason I felt called into my coaching business.”

Bussell, Fashion Coach
Lynnae Bussell, Fashion Coach

Bussell took a training course through Fashion Meets Faith. This company is led by Shari Braendel, an author, speaker and America’s #1 Christian Fashion Coach. Bussell completed her certification from Braendel back in November 2011. The program taught Bussell how to complete a color analysis based on a woman’s eye color, hair color and skin tone to match colors perfectly with each.

She also learned how to identify and dress different body types and how to use accessories to flatter each shape. A unique skill she also learned from Braendel were speaking techniques that she uses for one day workshops and her other speaking presentations.

In addition to her certification, Bussell also has skin care and makeup application training through her Mary Kay business as well as retail industry experience. All of what she does today leads back to her reading Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson as a young woman. This book launched her interest in color and began her fashion education.

Bussell stays updated in the fashion industry by reading several blogs and attending quarterly training sessions with her trainer and the other image consultants located all over the country. She also goes out into our community and builds relationships with store managers, tries on different clothing to see how they fit and talks to other experts in her field.

“My number one piece of advice is for every person to see themselves as beautiful,” says Bussell. “We all have things that we are working to overcome, but if we create a specific plan to take steps toward designing our own personal style then every women’s outlook will change. The confidence within our heart will begin to shine outwardly.”

To learn more about Bussell, visit her website or check out her Facebook page.