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Brinda Chatterjee, Founder of MakeupHaulic

Think part, glam squad and YouTube. MakeupHaulic is a fun and easy way for users to find and learn about beauty products.


Brinda Chatterjee, the founder of MakeupHaulic is a lawyer, graphic designer and entrepreneur. “Initially, I intended to open litigation consultation business but the market in Cincinnati was just too limited,” Chatterjee says. “So, I started freelancing on friend’s projects while developing some product design ideas including the beginnings of MakeupHaulic.”


At the time, Chatterjee says, she had extensive design and legal skills, but lacked basic business skills. That’s when she decided to enroll in Bad Girl Ventures, a program that creates opportunities for female entrepreneurs through education, developing connections and giving access to capital.


“Now, we’re a website currently in Beta testing and talking about partnering with some world’s largest personal care companies and marketing agencies,” says Chatterjee. “Of course, as a tech based startup, the growing never stops.”


MakeupHaulic has hit several milestones in its infancy, but Chatterjee says, it’s still early and there’s no time to lean back. “We’re always pushing forward to the next thing,” she adds.


MakeupHaulic works by categorically matching beauty video bloggers, or “vloggers,” and their fans. Users can get relevant and customized information from their most trusted source – real women – who are are sharing the information they want to know. Plus, vloggers can grow their businesses by attracting followers and gaining additional sponsorships as their influence grows.


Simultaneously, MakeupHaulic develops dynamic marketing strategies for this new breed of online consumer, offering industry insiders targeted data at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods. “Customized data sets allow us to know exactly who those consumers are, what they view and when they buy,” explains Chatterjee. “Thereby, we are creating personalized campaigns to reach consumers in innovative ways.”


“There are other websites that offer beauty reviews and/or beauty related video content but none of them dynamically pair bloggers and users on a deeply categorical basis to provide them with information that is customized to them,” says Chatterjee. “For example, the technique for cat eyeliner on a woman with hooded eyes is completely different than that for a woman with almond shaped eyes. Foundations are going to wear different, not only in terms of color but in terms of skin texture and skin maturity. We make cutting through the noise of the internet and getting to useful content simple and enjoyable.”


Chatterjee says it’s a model that’s poised to prosper and profit. “In the larger context of the tech world, we stand out by just being a women-centric business,” she explains. “But the internet is a women’s world, as women control 85% of a $200 billion market in the U.S. alone, a number that is increasing as women around the world are becoming increasingly economically independent.”


What’s next on the horizon? “Conquering the beauty and style world,” says Chatterjee. “We are also looking for partners that share our vision, from local beta testers to brands interested in collaborating to investors with ties in the space.”


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