Making Cincinnati Beautiful One Face at a Time

Making Cincinnati Beautiful One Face at a Time

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081511BEAUTY.jpgMakeup seems to be something that women either love or hate. Every girl likes to feel like she is put together – or at least presentable – when she walks out the front door. Some women just have a knack for looking polished no matter what they’re wearing or the occasion. Other women struggle with the very basics of makeup, from how to apply mascara without clumps that make your lashes look like spider legs to picking out the best shade of lip gloss for your skin type.


Some women are on an endless search for the right product or shade and end up spending hundreds on makeup that ultimately lives in a draw and never sees the light of day again. Maybe you’re going through a rough break-up or you’re starting a new job or chapter in your life: These are all things that warrant a new perspective on life and look to go with it. Whether makeup challenged or just wanting to learn a new look, Nancy Dawson, owner of BRIDEface and FACEing, is here to save the day.


Dawson started BRIDEface six years ago. This beautiful gem of a studio is tucked away in Covington, but it’s inside that the magic happens. Dawson puts her talent to work helping women discover they too can master all the contents of their makeup bags.



After starting BRIDEface, Dawson kept getting bridal party clients that would tell her, "Wow, I really wish I could fit you into my pocket," she says. Dawson thought, "You know what? They kind of can!" That’s how FACEing, a branch off of BRIDEface, came to be by offering makeup lesson services.


"We have a private lesson that costs $125 and that usually is at least a two-hour session," Dawson says. "I have them bring in all of their products, and we’ll walk through them and to see what they’re still lacking. They’ll leave with a very detailed face chart of how to re-create their look and a shopping list." Dawson also offers a duo session that costs $85 per person, and the group makeup lesson costs three to six women $75 each.


Dawson says the private lessons are perfect for women in the midst of transitional periods. "Maybe they’re re-entering the work force after a long time away, or sometimes it’s someone who is going through a life-changing thing, like maybe they’re going through a divorce or they’re just wanting to completely revamp their look,” says Dawson.


The private one-on-one beauty session is very involved and intense, because Dawson guides women through the entire process start to finish, and it’s best fit for someone who really wants to learn a lot.


"You also learn a lot in the duo lesson, but that’s a little more social," says Dawson. "You can bring your mom or you can bring your best friend or your sister. It’s still top-to-bottom, but not as intense because you’re splitting the focus. But its fun to bring a bottle of wine and just have a little makeup class."


For the group class, it’s a little more laidback, and generally the focus will be on one look or one aspect to a look. "Maybe all [of the women] want to learn how to do a smoky eye, or all six women want to learn to do a polished face for work," she says.


During each session, women will learn simple tricks of the trade that they can not only use but use with products they already own. "A lot of times, I try to use what they already have in their makeup bags, because a lot a people already have good products," says Dawson. This way, there is no pressure of feeling obligated to buy all kinds of new and expensive makeup like the makeovers performed at department store makeup counters, she says. After each session you walk away all dolled up and armed with a shopping list and a very detailed face chart to help you achieved the look on your own at home.