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Want a Hollywood smile without the celebrity price tag? Learn about West Chester’s Maui Whitening and their unique process that’s effective yet affordable.

Samantha Tino, Owner of Maui Whitening in West Chester
Samantha Tino, Owner of Maui Whitening in West Chester

While a dentist’s teeth whitening procedures could cost thousands, the drugstore products could leave lackluster results. That’s where Maui Whitening in West Chester can help. Owner Samatha Tino says that Maui Whitening professional teeth whitening sessions give you prices and results to smile about.

“We use the same-grade equipment and products used in dental offices across the country,” she explains. “We understand that with today’s fast-paced lifestyle, you need a teeth-whitening salon that fits your schedule and is also affordable.”

Maui Whitening accepts walk-in clients and offers mobile whitening sessions. The system used at Maui Whitening is a fast, effective and safe way to a brighter smile. The upside: it can be done in 20 to 60 minutes.

“Each ‘session’ takes just 20 minutes and most clients choose to do between two and three 20-minute sessions to get their teeth the very whitest,” says Tino.

The time and number of sessions you’ll need depends on the shade of your teeth and how bright you want to go. The process involves applying the whitening gel to the teeth, upper and lower arch, positioning the accelerator light on the mouth and giving customers results in 20 minutes.

“There is a three-step process followed at Maui Whitening including a whitening gel that’s strong enough to deliver the results [clients] want without making the experience unenjoyable,” explains Tino. “We use the most advanced and effective technology on the market. Our lights are the most powerful and effective lights made specifically for teeth whitening.”

According to Tino, white teeth are associated with health and beauty, and having a white smile also boosts your confidence. That’s why, Tino says, Maui Whitening provides affordable teeth whitening treatments at such an affordable cost. “Plus, it also helps to make us more cautious of what we’re putting into our bodies and do for ourselves,” she adds.

A 20-minute session costs $99 while you can purchase a 40-minute session for $149. The most popular session that Tino says renders the best results is 60 minutes and costs $179. “Customers who come back within six months of a session are given a special discounted rate so they can continue maintaining a whiter smile at a lower cost,” she adds.

Tino says that they’re exploring the idea of adding other beauty enhancing services to Maui Whitening’s offerings, so watch for updates soon. Maui Whitening is located at 7967 Cincinnati Dayton Road in West Chester. To learn more about Maui Whitening, call 513-847-6008 or visit You can also check Maui Whitening out on Facebook and Twitter.