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Learn about a microblading, waxing and lash extension expert who recently opened her own studio in Milford.

Minx Studio offers eyebrow microblading, eyelash extensions, and other services on Cincinnati’s East Side.

Megan Raabe was spending her days performing treatments at a local waxing center when she noticed a pattern of clients asking how to fill in their eyebrows after she waxed them. Many had been over-tweezing or over-waxing them, and were left with very sparse hairs. In 2016, Raabe discovered an up-and-coming treatment called microblading and she knew she had found the answer for her clients. 

Microblading has been all the rage in the past few years. Simply put, it’s a process of tattooing semi-permanent hair-like dashes within the eyebrow. It appears similar to what an eyebrow pencil would do, which is just drawing on fake hairs to fill in the brow, except it lasts one to three years depending on skin type.

After discovering this new treatment, Raabe went and immediately got certified to perform microblading. Shortly after, she got certified to do lash extensions as well and ended up opening her salon, Minx Studio, in April of 2017 in Milford. 

“I was the first person to offer both services on the East Side [of Cincinnati],” Raabe proudly declares. “Being able to offer lash extensions and permanent makeup in an unsaturated market sets me apart from everyone else.”

So why get microblading? “There are a multitude of eyebrow creams, powders, and pencils on the market, but it takes an expert to apply them in a way that looks natural. Also, just like other makeup, these can fade throughout the day and require touchups,” says Raabe. 

Although the process is similar to that of a tattoo, requiring ink to be deposited into the skin by needle, it’s far less painful. At Minx Studio, they apply a numbing cream to the area so clients only feel slight discomfort. 

Aside from microblading, Raabe also offers eyelash extensions, eyebrow and eyelash tinting, eyelash lifts, permanent nanoeyeliner, facial waxing, and makeup application.

“My favorite part about what I do is being able to make people feel better about the way they look. The eyes are the window to the soul – and I believe some lashes and fresh brows can make the biggest difference in someone’s face,” she states. 

Minx Studio is located at 137 Main St in Milford. To learn more, visit www.minxstudiocincy.com