Neutrals and Brights

Neutrals and Brights

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101011BEAUTYcorrect.jpgBesides the changing of the leaves, fall also brings new color trends in fashion. This autumn is no exception. So, what colors are these? Vice President of Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa Vivian Moore says, "[This season it’s] red, really red – the brightest red crayon in the box. Red and grape jelly purple are the two statement colors for both make-up and at least one fashion accessory color for fall and winter 2011."


This trend isn’t necessarily a head to toe look; it’s more about adding that pop of color to help stand out, Moore says. The best way to do this is to add a bright accessory or an accent of color with your make-up when keeping the rest of your ensemble more neutral. "This doesn’t only mean beige. Black, winter white, earth tones of any warm color, navy and grays can also work. Really anything besides other bright colors works," Moore says.


One way to mix up a typical neutral-based look is incredibly simple, Moore says. "By now we have all heard the news: White works all year. If you aren’t ready for brights in the midst of fall and winter in Cincinnati, try pairing two neutrals in an unexpected way. Black with brown or navy? Navy with soft olive or taupe? Absolutely!"


Some good ideas to pair with a neutral base include a lipstick or eyeliner in a red or purple, a scarf, pair of gloves, handbag or a wide-brimmed floppy hat in bright hues, Moore says.


With more holiday parties approaching quickly, applying a pop of color with every woman’s go-to little black dress is a must. "Shopping for new lipstick and shoes can help extend the life of the favorite little black dress we all have in our closets that seems to work no matter what the occasion," Moore says. "And there’s no better excuse to buy another pair of shoes." Because the majority of the outfit has a neutral feel, it’s okay to play up make up or accessories in these cases.


A good rule of thumb when pairing any color with an outfit comes from a source that can’t be purchased at a boutique, Moore says. "While in New York for fashion week this year, I saw lots of yellow in windows and in print. On the street, being worn by people – not so much. In general, at least try on something in a color you don’t already have. If you love what you see in the mirror, do it. Nothing looks better on anyone than confidence."