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Noshable Notes

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Model and actor, freelance marketer, specialist of wine companies and producer of a local restaurant show? Yes, all of the above can be found in Adhrucia Apana’s diverse resume.


Apana, formerly living in Ann Arbor and Seattle before becoming a Cincinnatian in grade school, was exposed to many types of people, cultures and customs through traveling at a very young age. “I was obsessed with performance art, music, fashion, and food,” says Apana, “basically anything experiential that embodied the essence of these new worlds.”



While earning a Marketing and International Relations degree at the University of Cincinnati, Apana pursued co-ops centered around media production. Those opportunities lead her from Cincinnati to New York, and later Los Angeles after graduation. “Although my work was mainly in Strategy and Interactive Marketing, I found myself learning more and more about the production side of the business,” says Apana. “Whether I was in front of the camera or working on the sidelines of a production I slowly learned more and more about how to put a show together.”


Once she returned to Cincinnati, Apana became part of a team that opened several venues in the downtown area and became close with several of the industry players. At the same time, Apana’s mother was writing a series of recipes to honor her mother and sister who had recently passed. Her mother wished she could somehow get her recipes out to people who would connect with and enjoy them.


“Her frustration gave me an idea,” says Apana. “What if I used what I had learned about production to help my friends in the local food scene connect to individuals in our community?”


This idea has now blossomed into “Noshable Notes.” Apana explains the production as, “A show that introduces Cincinnatians to the Chefs in our local restaurants and provides the everyday foodie with tricks of the trade and a behind the scene look at what goes into their favorite dishes.” Episodes of Noshable Notes are released monthly and can be seen on YouTube or



Throughout Apana’s journey of creating the concept and now monthly episodes, she has come to realize how accomplishing something truly takes a great team. “I think my biggest take away from this experience is that production is truly the art of collaboration,” she explains, “and what can be created out of that collaboration.”


The collaboration of her team has Apana reflecting more than ever on how important it is to get involved in the community. With everything on Apana’s plate, she still makes time to help the community, and believes it is an essential way to find opportunities. Apana donates her time by volunteering for Cincinnati Symphony Encore, FUEL (a non-profit funding board), and Cincinnati E.A.T.S.


“I believe contributing to the community you live in is essential to growth,” says Apana. “I would highly recommend community involvement to females of all ages in the Cincinnati area!”


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