Peaceful Bodies and Bellies

Peaceful Bodies and Bellies

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Struggling with fertility or other women’s health issues? Learn about a local business that leverages healthy foods and lifestyle practices to boost and balance hormone levels naturally.

Peaceful Bodies + Bellies helps women with health issues such as fertility reconnect with their bodies.

While infertility is fairly common — one in eight — conversations around it aren’t. The struggles and success stories of becoming parents, along with other corresponding women’s health issues, including pelvic pain, are often journeys walked in solitude.

That’s where Danisha Ware hopes to help with her fertility and therapy business, Peaceful Bodies + Bellies.

“Peaceful Bodies and Bellies is a coaching and bodywork program for women who either want to conceive naturally or through assistance, or for women who just simply want to find relief from pelvic pain and other women’s health issues,” says Ware, who is a fertility coach and mercier therapist.

Ware adds that through her coaching and bodywork program, she is able to help both types of women incorporate the right types of foods and lifestyle practices so that they can boost and balance their hormone levels naturally.

“And this works whether they are trying to conceive or just trying to normalize their monthly cycle and get out of pain and bloating,” she adds.

Ware says that she was inspired to launch Peaceful Bodies + Bellies after seeing a significant need for women to reconnect to their bodies, fertility, and pelvic health.

“In today’s society we’re so busy and disconnected from our feminine and our bodies,” says Ware. “The belly is a place where so much emotion and trauma is often stored. And when my clients reconnect with this part of themselves, through bodywork, mindfulness techniques, and holistic nutrition, I’m often told that they feel lighter, re-energized, and reconnected with who they are as a woman.”

Ware’s experience in this area makes her an expert when it comes to helping women. As the self-proclaimed Chief Fertile Babe of Peaceful Bodies + Bellies, she’s been practicing massage therapy for 17 years and specializes in women’s health, fertility, and prenatal and postpartum care. She’s also a certified yoga teacher who practices positive psychology and energy work.

Through Peaceful Bodies + Bellies, you’ll find that Ware is there to help women prepare their bodies for pregnancy through fertility coaching, fertility massage, Mercier therapy (a specialty massage technique that works to rehabilitate the reproductive organs), and fertility yoga. Additionally, Ware works with women who are experiencing pelvic pain and those who are seeking relief from painful periods.

On top of her fertility services, Ware offers a six-week workshop series that shows women how to incorporate the best supplements for fertility as well as what lifestyle changes can help to impact their overall hormone health.

“We also work on creating a fertile mindset; releasing negativity and doubt about their ability to either get pregnant or release disease or trauma held in the reproductive area such as PCOS or endometriosis,” says Ware. “At each session we incorporate yoga poses that help to enhance fertility and balance hormones. The women who attend these workshops have a community bond and kinship, which in turn helps them amplify their dreams and desires. Many women who attend these workshops have gone on to conceive their miracle babies and get control of their fertility-related issues.”

Peaceful Bodies + Bellies strives to help the woman who is ready to empower herself with the right tools, practices, education, and confidence. “She is ready to go beyond traditional avenues of women’s health,” says Ware. “This is for the woman who believes she is more than her diagnosis, that her desire of being a mother or a healthy, happy, radiant woman is non-negotiable.”

Ware says that she’ll soon launch a new program called Activate Your Fertility. It’s a six-week, live immersion where the group will learn to let go of the negative thoughts and body believes that often keep women stuck in fear and worry. “You will learn how to step into your new role as a mother and design a healthy lifestyle that allows your fertility journey to be filled with love, joy, and ease no matter what,” she adds.

The class begins September 22 and will be comprised of an intimate group of eight people.

To learn more about Peaceful Bodies + Bellies, visit their website. On the website you can sign up to receive a free gift and “3 Essential Steps to Boost Your Fertility.” You can also contact Ware by email at or by phone at 513-205-1672.