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Peachy Perfect Skin

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Lisa Pfeiffer, Founder of Peaches Skin Care

Beautiful, healthy, flawless skin – it’s what everyone wants. And according to Lisa Pfeiffer, it’s something that everyone can get. Since Pfeiffer’s been working in the skincare industry for more than 28 years, it’s safe to say she knows her stuff.


Pfeiffer started in the beauty industry at a tender age of 18 in Santa Barbara, California, “doing everyone’s hair and makeup in the neighborhood,” she recalls. “It was something that came easy to me and something I loved learning about.”


Over time, she learned the effects that makeup could have on the skin and wanted to find a way to keep skin healthy and beautiful. With what she discovered through research, Pfeiffer decided to open her own skincare salon, now called Peaches Skincare, in Santa Barbara.


“The thought came to me one day that I don’t want to have to wear any makeup when I’m old,” says Pfeiffer. “I want it to be as healthy and vibrant as it is now. So much of what we put on our face isn’t good for it. I want to help people realize that.”


As her daughter moved to Ohio for college at The Ohio State University and stayed in Ohio for a job, Pfeiffer began making frequent visits to Ohio, specifically Cincinnati. She quickly decided she needed to offer her services and expertise to Cincinnati women as well. Peaches now has two salons: the original location in California, and the second located in Montgomery right across from the Montgomery Inn.


Peaches works to fix skin with a holistic and natural approach with no bad chemicals, fillers, synthetic colors or procedures. According to Pfeiffer, there are a few principles that set Peaches apart from any other skincare salon or dermatological expert:


1. Everyone has the same skin, but we each have different tones and pigments. The “types” of skin that we believe we have are just reactions that our skin is having to something in our routine that it doesn’t like.


2. Only antioxidants can penetrate the skin – a fact based off of a Harvard study, which Peaches uses as the base for all of their products. “Your skin literally eats whatever you put on top of it,” says Pfeiffer. “A lot of the stuff you buy at stores is watered down and fragranced and so much of the makeup we put on our face is not good for our skin.”


3. We need to be patient and do things naturally in order to get good skin. “It’s a lot like losing weight,” says Pfeiffer. “You need to do it over time and in a well rounded manner. You aren’t going to see instant results – it will take time.”


Keeping these principles in mind, Peaches only offers one facial for every skin “type” instead of offering a “menu.” They perform professional microdermabrasion and use microcurrents (the same currents that you would get at a body massage or physical therapy) on your face. This allows oxygen to get into your skin cells and fix everything naturally.


Peaches also offers one line of products for all their customers. Their products include a scrub, perfecting polish, cleanser, toner, eye cream, moisturizer and a mask.


“The skin is the largest organ of the body and it has amazing defense mechanisms – if you harm it or are harsh with it, it WILL thicken to protect itself, thus causing deep lines, clogged pores and dark spots,” explains Pfeiffer. “We want people to come to us so that we can show them that it does get better.”


Pfeiffer says Peaches is earning rave reviews from clients who are seeing impressive results. In fact, with the increasing demand, she hopes to open a second location in the Cincinnati area within the next six to 12 months.


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