Peak Performance Provides Relief

Peak Performance Provides Relief

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Andy Shetterly, founder of Peak Performance Sports Therapy

Have you been struggling with joint or muscle pain? Maybe a college sports injury has left you in pain for years, or carpal tunnel is a nasty side effect of endless typing. What if all that pain could go away and you could start living a normal life again?


Andy Shetterly has been helping people in pain since 1987. Through Peak Performance Sports Therapy, Shetterly treats athletes, post-operation patients, and others with a variety of therapies to relieve people of their everyday pain.



“Many of my clients have been told by doctors that they must live with the pain that is a result of an injury or surgical procedure,” Shetterly explains, “But their pain isn’t permanent; I can help them live their lives without unnecessary pain.”


Shetterly is able to relieve clients of their pain through neuromuscular therapy. This therapy involves targeting trigger points, adhesions, and scar tissue to get rid of pain.


“So many people tell me that they’ve been to every doctor and have had every test possible to try and relieve their pain. MRI’s, Cat Scans, and X-Rays can’t pick up the adhesions, trigger points, and scar tissues that are causing the pain, so doctors just dismiss the pain and tell them there is nothing they can do. But neuromuscular therapy can allow you to live pain free.”


Two forms of therapy that Shetterly oftens performs are Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and Active Release Technique (ART). SFMA allows Shetterly to see specific restrictions in your body. If you are having ankle pain, and Shetterly asks you to move it a certain way, he will be able to see that the ankle pain could possible contribute to back pain. He can see the restrictions and complication patterns in your body. ART focuses on increasing the relative motion by relieving adhesions.


“Adhesions trap nerves and restrict the movement of muscle, which can feel like having a 2,000 pound horse sitting on you,” Shetterly explains, “ART will help lift that horse off you.”


Shetterly has a military background, and when he was stationed at the Marine Corps El Toro as a C-130 Pilot, he began to study massage therapy and body work. He developed a passion for helping people rid themselves of pain and perform to their highest potential.


“It’s sad to see how many people are in unnecessary pain,” says Shetterly, “70% of people’s pain is unnecessary, and can be fixed easily through therapy.”


In three to five sessions lasting an hour to an hour and a half, Shetterly can treat anyone experiencing unnecessary pain and help them to start feeling better. Through these sessions, Shetterly can take away years of pain and treat you like a world class athlete.


“It’s like peeling back on onion. We have to peel the layers to access the tension points and relieve the pain.”


Shetterly’s previous clients have seen positive results almost immediately. “A previous patient’s wife told me that after a double mastectomy, she was unable to extend her arm past a 90 degree angle without excruciating pain. Every doctor she had seen told her that the pain wouldn’t go away and it was something she would just have to live with. I told her to come in and see what we could do, and after fifteen minutes she was able to fully extend her arm without any pain. It has been a few weeks since that appointment and she hasn’t felt any pain since.”


Shetterly is also a certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) medical practitioner, where he works with golfers to ease them out of pain and help with their performance. He is also looking forward to connecting with different physicians in the future and forming relationships with them and their clientele to help them live pain free.


“This is a viable way for people to get out of pain as quickly as possible. It is my goal to help everyone struggling with unnecessary pain to help them live life to the fullest without pain.”


For more information on Peak Performance Sport’s Therapy or to schedule an appointment, visit their website.