Plum Natural Soap Company, LLC

Plum Natural Soap Company, LLC

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Learn about the local entrepreneur who opened a soap shop in Lebanon where the products she sells and makes on-site are, quite literally, plum natural.

The Plum Natural Soap Company offers several products that
The Plum Natural Soap Company offers several products that are handmade on-site by Mary Beal and her husband Del.

Starting a business can seem intimidating, but that didn’t stop Mary Beal from pursuing her goal of having her own natural soap shop. Diving into entrepreneurship takes courage, determination and passion. Plum Natural Soap Company was built to expand Mary Beal’s experience with owning her own business as well as build self-esteem and share what she knows with others.

Starting her business in Lebanon, Ohio, two years ago this December, Plum Natural Soap Company has moved to a new home on 20 N. Broadway next to Lebanon Citizens National Bank. The name of the company originated from when Mary Beal and her husband, Del Beal, were sitting at the computer with LegalZoom kicking possible names around. Finally, Del said, “It’s natural soap, just plum natural,” and it was then that the name was formed.

Sharing her knowledge is not something she only does at the soap shop, but also at her full-time job. When she’s not running her shop, Mary Beal works as a supervisor at Sallie Mae and helps students with their student loan issues. Dividing her time between her business, full-time job and family, she and her husband have taught themselves how to make their soap on-site. Even when the soap didn’t turn out to be the color they wanted, they kept trying and donated the extra soap to the shelters.

The Plum Natural Soap Company team at their location in Lebanon.

Since the soap is made by Mary and Del Beal on-site, customers can actually see the soap being made and the ingredients they use. The soaps are designed using the latest technology and real ingredients. Computer programs are used to help design the soap, while real fruits and natural items are in the soap. For example, they use the real avocado while other soaps typically use the oil from it.

Even with making over 150 soaps, customers don’t need to worry if they have sensitive skin or allergies. Mary Beal herself is sensitive to allergens, so customers can rest assured that they can use Plum Natural Soaps too! Their most popular soaps are Man Soap, Pine Tar, Sea Weed and Avacado. Their salt bars are also a well-liked item due to their exfoliating nature. They offer a wide variety of soaps for all holidays as well. With the autumn season in full swing, they have pumpkin and leaf shaped soap and also make pumpkin bath bombs and lotions. They also noticed that the Pumpkin Spice soap is popular year round, and the men love it.

As for starting a business, Del Beal offers some simple advice, “Set high standards and keep them there. Never put something on the shelf that you don’t feel 100 percent about. If you’re not happy with the results, scrap it.”

To learn more about Plum Natural Soap Company, LLC, visit their Facebook page.