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Qute for a Cause

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Tammy Westmoreland, founder of Qute for a Cause

It’s easy to take everyday things like walking and talking for granted. Not for Tammy Westmoreland, though. That’s because she raised a son with Cerebral Palsy, who lived without walking, talking, and experiencing life as usual.


Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder that appear in infancy or early childhood and permanently affect body movement and muscle coordination, but don’t worsen over time. Cerebral palsy affects body movement, muscle control, muscle coordination, muscle tone, reflex, posture and balance. It can also impact fine motor skills, gross motor skills and oral motor functioning.


Cerebral Palsy is something that hits close to home for Westmoreland. Her son, D’Jonte, and her husband’s son, Jordan, were both diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Unfortunately, 13 years ago Jordan passed away as did her own son D’Jonte three years ago. It is in their memory that Westmoreland started Qute Cosmetics, a makeup line designed both for women and girls.


Qute for a Cause lip glosses


“I have always been interested in makeup and beauty and with the creation of this makeup line I thought this would be a good way to honor my son and my husband’s son,” says Westmoreland.


To give back to the cause that she holds so dear to her heart, Westmoreland donates a portion of her proceeds every year to the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. “I wanted it to be something that was bigger than just makeup,” says Westmoreland. “Our goal is to help save lives one lip gloss at a time.”


Qute Cosmetics carries a variety of products for a range of beauty needs. They currently carry three shades of lip gloss, three shades of lip balm, and three shades of eye shadows, which can actually be used as a lipstick and nail polish as well. Prices range from $8-20. Her products can be ordered from her Facebook page.


“As far as the future goes, I don’t have anything set in stone, but I have a few ideas of the direction I want to go in,” says Westmoreland. Currently she is working on creating t-shirts with the Qute Cosmetics logo and wants to expand her line to include lipsticks, lip liners, eyeliners, and blushes. She also would like to have a fashion show that would feature her cosmetics as well as getting the word out about Cerebral Palsy.


“I would love to make my line so big that I could have the ability to donate to other causes such as breast cancer, heart disease, etc.,” says Wesmoreland. “Everything I do is for my son. He may be gone, but he’s revived in me.”


To learn more about Qute Cosmetics visit their Facebook page.