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Rapid Results Cryo

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Self-care is the new going out, especially in a COVID world. Learn about a wellness studio with several new options to help you look and feel your best.

A combined passion for weight loss and natural healing encouraged Sandra Waits and Tiffani Ray-Smith to look into cryotherapy.

The mother-daughter team is behind Rapid Results Cryo, a beauty and natural wellness studio composed of highly-trained and certified professionals dedicated to providing top-quality service, personalized to the specific needs of clients.

“We have personally researched and experienced our mostly natural products to ensure the highest quality,” says Ray-Smith. “Our goal is to help you look and feel like the very best you can at an affordable price with no needles, no knives, no pain, no downtime, no kidding.”

A number of services are available at Rapid Results Cryo.

Cryoskin offers slimming, toning, and facials, which helps to reduce fat and help you lose inches. “We recommend 3-6 sessions for best results,” says Ray-Smith. “On average, people see 18.96% fat reduction in treated areas.” 

Additionally, Ray-Smith says that Cryoskin can help to improve skin appearances. 

“With CryoToning treatments, cold temperatures boost collagen production, which tightens loose skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and improves the skin’s overall texture and appearance,” she says. “Cryo Facial treatments use cold temperatures to increase blood flow and oxygen, which boosts collagen production, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores, and improves skin elasticity. It’s a natural, non-invasive way to look younger and more radiant.”

At Rapid Results Cryo you can also receive Lipo Laser, a non-surgical procedure that reduces fat in select locations, including the waist, back, abdomen, arms, chin, and thighs.

Those who are interested in fat removal can utilize Rapid Results Cryo’s Body Sculpting Cavitation. “This is a new, revolutionary fat removal technology that does not require surgery,” says Ray-Smith. “It is a body sculpting treatment using radio frequency that provides immediate loss of fat cells. Cavitation requires no anesthesia, no scarring, no discomfort, and, best of all, no down time, resulting in instant loss of fat cells.”

Healing Touch is available at Rapid Results Cryo. “A Healing Touch is a touch modality similar to Rieke, which clears balance and energizes the human bio-field to invoke the relaxation response, thereby putting the body in a state to self-heal,” says Ray-Smith. “This treatment is great for headaches and other localized pain, before and after surgery, and promoting general well-being.”

W Waits Holistic Coaching is a sister company to Rapid Results Cryo that was established in 2017 to provide a coaching style that guides the client into the well-being of the mind, emotions, body, and spirit. “This coaching method honors the client as the expert on his life by offering a menu of action steps to achieve the desired outcomes,” says Ray-Smith.

Other services available at Rapid Results Cryo include full body vibration to speed up the lymphatic system to rid the body of cellular waste; infrared sauna blanket, which helps to detox and burn calories; full or partial slimming body wraps; lymphatic body brushing; fascia rollers; Fyrh Hanz handmade concoctions to help with sleep and relaxation; the IT Works system, and a full line of Zilis CBD Oils.

If you’re thinking about gifting Rapid Results Cryo for the holidays, Ray-Smith says their services are perfect for those who want to focus on self-care. “What a better gift to give than a visit to our Wellness Studio? We offer a serene environment to enjoy your treatment,” she says. “And we make it easy with gift certificates or pre-payment options. We also accept PayPal Credit and all major credit cards.” 

Rapid Results Cryo is offering holiday specials:

Cryo Body Contouring Session for $89 (a one-time offer)

The BOGO Body Package for $199 (originally $350)

As we navigate our way through the holidays, Rapid Results Cryo is always on the lookout for the best product offerings for their customers. In 2021 Rapid Results Cryo will start accepting HSA cards and they will be offering teeth whitening that brightens your smile in just 20 minutes. They also will have the IBVK inhaler, which was created with all natural blends of essential oils that help to kill viruses in your nose and throat.

To learn more about Rapid Results Cryo, visit rapidresultscryo.com or call at 513-416-4116. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.