Reinvent Yourself With Re.You Studio

Reinvent Yourself With Re.You Studio

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Terry Lindquist and Teresa Wade are the owners and founders of Re.You Studio in East Hyde Park

Two local ladies reinvented their career path to open Re.You Studio to help others reinvent their body and confidence. Terry Lindquist and Teresa Wade, owners and founders of East Hyde Park-based Re.You Studio, opened this laser treatment center in March 2013. Their inspiration was to transition from their previous careers to make a more hands-on difference in the lives of others.


Lindquist worked in healthcare management for over 20 years, while Wade was an attorney in the Hamilton County and City of Mason Prosecuting Attorney’s Offices. The two women, longtime friends and residents of the Cincinnati area, realized that they shared a desire to do something different with their careers.


Re.You Studio specializes in laser tattoo removal, as well as laser hair removal, laser facial rejuvenation and laser toe fungus removal. “We spent a year researching trends and looking at various business models [and] franchises, and we realized that tattoos were a hot trend that was only getting hotter,” says Lindquist. “[We] asked ourselves, ‘What do you do when you don’t want that Chinese symbol on your shoulder anymore?’ We saw that, in other parts of the country, laser removal studios were becoming a huge business opportunity. We seized on the idea and Re.You Studio was born.”


 Re.You Studio is unique due to its stance as a “stand-alone” laser studio. Many upscale doctors’ offices or clinics that offer laser removal treatments can be fairly expensive and inaccessible to the average American. Lindquist and Wade created Re.You Studio in order to satisfy the need and desire for cutting-edge treatments at affordable prices. “Unlike many local hair removal competitors, we offer free consultation, no high pressure sales, [as well as] straightforward and affordable pricing,” says Lindquist.


 Re.You Studio’s services are conducted by certified and laser-trained physicians. They offer not only laser services but electrolysis for hair removal as well, thus ensuring permanent hair removal for all different types of people. “This might seem like a totally aesthetic procedure or a luxury service, but many people suffer from embarrassment and social avoidance due to visible and excess facial and body hair and we are pleased to offer a complete solution,” explains Wade.


 The studio also offers laser facial rejuvenation–which ranges from helping sun-damaged skin to pigmented lesions–and laser toenail fungus removal. Re.You Studio boasts a new and distinct technique called the PinPointe laser that “treats toenail fungus safely, quickly and pain-free, administered by our board-certified podiatrists,” says Wade. “No anesthesia, little to no discomfort, no side effects, and zero downtime–you can exercise or polish your toenails immediately after treatment.”


 Wade and Lindquist are hoping to bring more new treatments to Re.You Studio. Plans for the future include “removal of radiation tattoos for breast cancer survivors and tattoo removal for people in rehab programs or victims of domestic violence,” says Wade.


 Lindquist and Wade consider their studio to follow a model of “doable removal”–making laser treatments accessible and easy for everyone.


 Re.You Studio is located at 3330 Erie Avenue in Hyde Park. Learn more at