Robin’s Nest Wellness Skin Spa

Robin’s Nest Wellness Skin Spa

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After 17 years in the industry, one local woman’s dream of owning a skin spa is finally taking flight in Northern Kentucky.

Robin’s Nest Wellness Skin Spa will celebrate its one-year anniversary on January 8.

Robin Mallery has been an esthetician for 17 years. Yet, her business — Robin’s Nest Wellness Skin Spa — is just coming up on their one year anniversary on January 8, 2016.

Back in 1998, Mallery had just finished school to become an esthetician, but the best options at the time were working at a day spa or alongside a plastic surgeon. She followed the path of working at a day spa, which she did for 16 years.

After two minor attempts and many hurdles, she now runs her own business, Robin’s Nest Wellness Skin Spa. “Leaving a secure job for the unknown can be frightening,” says Mallery.

However, she says, there is a positive side to starting a business. “Knowing that you are completely responsible for your own success and being invested in every detail brings about the most amazing sense of accomplishment though,” she explains.

Today, she says she follows her heart and inspirations. “I’m inspired by people,” says Mallery. “They inspire me to provide more than the best service I’m capable of, but also a feeling of well-being.”

She says one inspirational person in particular is her father, who was his own boss as a tool distributor for service stations. He was successful, she adds, because he worked hard and treated his customers well. That’s one reason why she loves this Maya Angelou quote and has it front and center on her website: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Mallery says she gained her business knowledge and confidence not through classes, but instead, with help from The Small Business Development Center in Kentucky. She says they offer many resources to aspiring entrepreneurs in the area.

In the upcoming year, Mallery plans to focus more on The Wellness Facial so that the facial can concentrate more on the whole person within the spa’s “caring and loving environment,” she says.

“This facial was specifically created to benefit the compromised skin caused by various chemotherapy and radiation therapies as well as having nurturing qualities for their emotional health,” says Mallery, who describes the facial as “a gentle approach using ingredients with therapeutic properties nourish, hydrate and soothe while protecting the integrity of the skin.”

Overall, Mallery’s favorite part about owning a spa is getting to know the clients that come in and “knowing they had the peaceful experience” that she intended for them to have,” she says. “I am so thankful for God’s guidance on this continual journey and His help conveying what’s in my heart. The spa would not have turned out the way I had envisioned without Him.”

To learn more about Robin’s Nest Wellness Skin Spa, check out their website.