Shoosha Truly Organic

Shoosha Truly Organic

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Introducing a locally-launched product “that’s good enough to eat” for mom and baby. Read on for all the delicious details.


Patricia Di Gasbarro found herself frustrated and disappointed with the baby skincare products on the market. Taking it upon herself, she went into her kitchen and concocted an all new, all natural formula made from ingredients in her kitchen.

Today, her brand Shoosha Truly Organic is a skincare product line made solely from pure and organic ingredients, specifically designed for moms and their babies. Shoosha products are all USDA-certified, and Di Gasbarro says the products are 100% edible because she uses a coconut oil base, and other ingredients such as sunflower oil, aloe vera juice, rosemary extract and calendula. To prevent diaper rash, Shoosha developed a “diaper butter” using 13 simple ingredients: evening primrose oil, calendula oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil. Then, a replenishing lotion was soon to follow.

According to Di Gasbarro, a baby’s skin is about 10 times thinner than adults, so when it comes to skincare, a baby’s skin needs extra special care. That’s why the Shoosha replenishing lotion incorporates anti-inflammatory oils with vitamins, proteins and amino acids resulting in what Di Gasbarro refers to as “organic skin food.”

Shoosha’s products are to be thought of as something to feed your skin in the same way you’d feed yourself, Di Gasbarro says, emphasizing that none of their product is touched by pesticides, germicides or GMO’s. Not only does baby benefit from Shoosha, but moms do as well. Di Gasbarro came up with what she calls “rescue nipple butter.” A nursing mom’s nipples tend to get inflamed, and in turn, the mom may stop breastfeeding. This product helps to heal nipples and facilitate the continuation of infant breastfeeding. It’s an all natural balm that can be used as a collagen booster, and used to heal cuts and diminish sunspots while relieving sore nipples, lips and cheeks.

Di Gasbarro also loves the Rejuvenate Stretch Mark Serum. Out of all new moms, she says, 50-90% get stretch marks. This product aids in the reduction of stretch marks as well as nourishing the skin. And finally, Di Gasbarro recommends the Sensitive Skin Laundry Soap. With babies having such sensitive and delicate skin, she says, this detergent replaces traditional, store-bought detergent that have harsh chemicals, which can irritate your baby’s skin or inflame issues such as eczema. To learn more, visit

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