SOTO Beauty Blvd

SOTO Beauty Blvd

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A local salon and medi-spa is now offering hands-on makeup and skincare classes in their exclusive beauty bar so you can create a look that's always on point. Click for all the details!

SOTO Beauty Blvd offers makeup classes to help you get the look you want.

SOTO Beauty Blvd features a range of customized, hands-on makeup classes so you can perfect your daily routine and re-create the makeup looks you’re lusting after.

It’s the brainchild of Kim Blair, Co-Owner of SOTO Salon and Medi-Spa and Jaime Brooks author, makeup artist, and wellness educator.

“The real value is having a trained makeup artist helping to address cosmetic challenges as well as education on product use,” Brooks says.

For those of you looking to streamline your morning routine or interested in creating the perfect natural look, Beauty Basics is it. Interested in enhancing your best features and camouflaging the imperfections to bring out the beautiful in your skin? 40+ Fabulous is where it’s at.

On the other end of the spectrum, Brooks says Teen Makeover is one of their most popular classes and is being offered this fall. It tackles acne head on. Learn about which products can wreak havoc on your skin, essential skincare basics and how to treat and hide skin imperfections.

Check out Advanced Glam to create the perfect smoky eye, pouty lip, and killer brows when you’re looking for that “wow factor.”

You can also make this a group effort, and get the girls together for Girls Night Out. Relax while learning super glam tips and tricks. It’s whatever your squad wants, as this class is completely customizable.

EYE Got This, teaches you to confidently construct your brows, rock false lashes, practice liquid pencil, powder gel, and eyeliner techniques. While Highlight/Contour & Blending covers contouring for a flawless look.

Blair and Brooks originally bonded over their mutual commitment to wellness, this led them to create a complimentary Cancer Wellness Class for SOTO Beauty Blvd which addresses the myriad of skin and make-up challenges people face while going through treatment. “It is our gift to the women in our community at a time when feeling beautiful isn’t always at the forefront,” Brooks says.

Another commitment SOTO Beauty Blvd makes is to brand neutral education. “We have the freedom to be honest about products and recommend different lines in all price ranges. It makes a huge difference when the educator isn’t hoping for a sale based off a specific product line. That is what sets us apart from department stores and other beauty businesses, it’s all about the quality of the content,” Brooks says.

Class prices start at $60 for a group lesson and fluctuates depending on if a hair styling session is included. Private consultations and group events are also available. Brooks says their most popular class currently is the one on one sessions with a makeup artist.

SOTO Beauty Blvd is located at 900b Adams Crossing 45202. Learn more about makeup classes here and stay up to date with specials and events on Facebook.