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Spa Melissa Allen

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From acne to aging, all-natural to high-powered, one local skincare expert offers a variety of products and treatments to get results at her Hyde Park spa.

Melissa Berens, Owner/Master Spa Specialist at Spa Melissa Allen

Melissa Allen is somewhat of skincare guru. With a background as an esthetician, massage therapist and nail technician, she has experienced numerous sides of the beauty industry. In 2014, she took advantage of her years of experience and opened her own spa. 

Spa Melissa Allen offers services such as facials, hydra-facials and waxing. Specific facials include chemical peels, oxygen facials, facial lymphatic drainage and more. 

While these terms may sound a bit unfamiliar, they all incorporate advanced skin treatments to make women feel amazing in their own skin, according to Allen.

“I believe in products that work with the skin instead of against it. Injectable treatments are known to kill the nerves to muscles and end up hurting your skin rather than helping. All of our treatments take a more natural approach and strengthen your muscles,” Allen says.

Allen also describes why and how she transitioned from being an employee to an employer, “I wanted to move away from doing nails and massages. Cincinnati is such an odd animal, there are so many people craving larger market services and not a lot of businesses offer them,” she explains. “I was very interested in higher level skincare and wanted to offer that to customers. I want to focus on what brings the most joy to our customers and makes them feel amazing.”

Spa Melissa Allen utilizes three different skincare lines for their treatments. The first is Skin Script, a natural, yet medical-grade, line that allows custom treatment for any skin type. The second line is HydraFacial MD, with products such as eye creams, cleansers, spot correctors and more. The final line is DMK which specializes in an Enzyme Therapy Treatment which is also referred to as a “zombie facial.” Spa Melissa Allen is the only local spa that carries the DMK line, according to Allen. The spa also sells Young Living essential oils.

“If someone buys one of these products, I write a letter to them to make sure they’re getting the results they hoped for,” says Allen. 

Allen also discusses how it can be a bit of a struggle to characterize skin type and how she tries to help customers do that. “A lot of people misdiagnose themselves,” she says. 

Acne is not a common problem among adults. Usually, it is diet or products that people use that are causing skin breakouts. We try to help with that by having them answer on an intake form how they would characterize their skin,” she explains.

Allen says she has something large in the works for 2020, but the current location in Hyde Park is where customers can find Spa Melissa Allen.

“I truly love all my guests and I care about their happiness. Seeing before and after pictures of their skin makes me feel so good and that I am doing something worthwhile. I want customers to know that if they have any skincare concerns, they should not hesitate to reach out to an esthetician,” says Allen. 

Spa Melissa Allen is located at 3848 Paxton Ave # 11, Cincinnati, OH 45209To learn more, visit

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