Stay True to Yourself with Faithfully Yours Beauty

Stay True to Yourself with Faithfully Yours Beauty

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Faith Walker is the owner of Faithfully Yours Beauty in Columbus

Faithfully Yours Beauty works to make you a more beautiful person from the inside out.


Faith Walker is the mastermind behind this Columbus-based beauty studio. She opened Faithfully Yours Beauty a year ago after working in the beauty industry for three years. However, Walker didn’t always plan to be in the beauty industry.


“Growing up, my mother was never into fashion or beauty,” says Walker. “So, I developed a fascination from friends in college. I also worked retail and was able to try out makeup at the various makeup counters.” While working for a wireless phone company, she became an independent sales consultant for a popular cosmetics company. “But it wasn’t enough,” she recalls. “Since I wasn’t licensed, I couldn’t actually perform facial and makeup services on the customers. So, in 2010, after I had my second child, I quit my job and followed my passion.”


It took a lot of courage for Walker to leave behind her stable job and decide that it would be worth it to chase her dream. Her focus regarding beauty and her studio is to use makeup to work with one’s natural beauty, rather than transforming someone into a whole different person. “I believe in enhancing your beauty and not using makeup to change who you are,” says Walker. “Don’t get me wrong, I do editorial style work, but I actually understand the client and enhance their features.”


At Faithfully Yours Beauty, Walker offers makeup services, full body waxing and facials. Walker also travels to weddings and special events to do clients’ makeup. Walker is easy-going and helps clients feel welcome and at ease in her studio.


In addition to a growing business, Walker has a book coming out this fall. The book, called Love, Beauty, tells Walker’s story and also offers some tips for beauty advice. “[In the book], I share my journey through beauty and how I suffered from self esteem issues growing up,” says Walker. “This was magnified after my sexual assault in college at Ohio University. I decided to do this because I’ve found that many women have the same struggles as me and I wanted to share that self esteem doesn’t have to cripple you for the rest of your life.”


Walker’s book also includes some fun beauty tips. Walker is excited to share with Cincy Chic readers an excerpt from Love, Beauty:


“On a funny note: Have you ever felt like you got the best night of sleep that you’ve gotten in a while? Have you been eating right and felt like you were feeling energized and looking great only to have someone tell you that you look tired? Well, here are some ways to help combat that:

1. Continue to get rest and drink plenty of water. Water keeps your skin looking supple and helps combat a tired appearance.
2. In the morning and at night massage an appropriate eye cream/gel around your eyes using your ring or pinky fingers. This will help move any lymph, or fluid that has collected in the eye area. Lymph can make your eyes appear puffy.
3. Stay cool as a cucumber. Yes, this does help! Cold cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce a puffy appearance.
4. Soaking cotton rounds in a cooled herbal tea like chamomile, then applying to eyes at night will help relieve puffiness as well.
5. Hemorrhoid cream does work! The rumors are true. The cream will temporarily reduce inflammation and tighten the skin around your eyes.
6. Always keep concealer on hand. Stay in the same family as your foundation and only go one to two shades lighter. Anything more drastic and you may look like Elaine on the old episodes of Seinfeld (The days before HD).”

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