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Style As Needed

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In need of a creative outlet, a local medical professional launched a beauty and style blog. Learn how her cultural background draws inspiration for her intriguing topics.


Yuliya Azirbayeva launched the blog Style As Needed while in her final year of pharmacy school.

Yuliya Azirbayeva is a pharmacist by day and a style and beauty blogger by night. Azirbayeva says she launched her blog, Style As Needed, as a creative outlet.

“I am a pharmacist so my day job does not provide for any creative ability and I have always been very into fashion and beauty,” she explains. “I have been a long time blog reader myself and I thought about starting Style As Needed for years before finally taking the plunge.”

That leap of faith finally came for Azirbayeva about a year ago, when she was in her final year of pharmacy school. he launched Style As Needed, also known as Style PRN (PRN is the short code for “as needed”)

Azirbayeva says that Style As Needed focuses on style and beauty, although she also loves to incorporate travel into her posts as well, as it is another passion of hers. Azirbayeva moved to the United States from Almaty, Kazakhstan when she was 10, and has lived in Cincinnati ever since.

Azirbayeva says that one of her favorite things about running Style As Needed is getting feedback from her readers. “Nothing makes me happier after working hard on a post than getting a lot of comments and reader feedback,” she says.

She also likes the planning and thinking that goes into blogging. “I enjoy the aspect of blogging that has to do with planning and creativity. You constantly have to be thinking about your next post or what you can write about that would be interesting for your readers, so I love the brainstorming aspect.”

When asked what it is that makes Style As Needed unique, Azirbayeva says that it’s her cultural background. “My sense of style that draws influence from my culture makes my blog unique,” she says. “I am constantly looking into styles and trends from overseas and like to incorporate those into Style As Needed.”

One of Azirbayeva’s favorite posts on Style As Needed was comparing beauty subscription services such as Ipsy, Birchbox, and Sephora Play. “That post took a lot of time and effort and I think it definitely paid, off,” she said. “I also love the posts I did on my Italy trip. I had details on our tours, where and what we ate, and absolutely stunning pictures from that trip.”

Now that she is done with school, Azirbayeva says that she is hoping to put more time and effort into Style As Needed to help expand it as much as possible. “I am hoping to work with more local companies around Cincinnati since there are so many great ones around,” she says.

Azirbayeva is also looking forward to upcoming seasonal fashions. “I am currently looking forward to working on all of my fall and winter style posts as those are my favorite seasons when it comes to fashion,” she adds.

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