Symmetry Microblading 

Symmetry Microblading 

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Gain confidence and look beautiful with the permanent cosmetic services from this local microblading studio. 

Symmetry Microblading offers a variety of permanent cosmetic services.

Carlye Shumaker is the owner and artist behind Symmetry Microblading, a permanent cosmetic studio that focuses on the natural beauty of each client in order to create realistic results and a more confident person.  

“I wholeheartedly believe that a confident woman can accomplish anything,” says Shumaker. “Symmetry is a space for individuals to come and feel empowered, confident, and beautiful both inside and out.” 

Shumaker strives to make Symmetry Microblading a safe space, free of judgement. She also aims to build more confident people out of the clients she serves.  

The passion for Symmetry Microblading started when Shumaker was a child. “Creativity has always been an important aspect of my life since I was a child. Dancing around the house and painting or drawing are vivid memories of how I passed time growing up,” she says. “I’m also a School of Creative and Performing Arts graduate where I majored in both Visual Arts and Dance.” 

The love for creativity and visual arts continued after college where Shumaker worked different corporate jobs. However, she realized that while she was in corporate America, there was something missing.  

“I was constantly uninspired and unmotivated by the job itself,” she explains. “I stumbled across the idea of permanent cosmetics and hit the ground running.”  

And while the work is rewarding, she didn’t imagine the women she would meet along the way and how she would impact their lives in a positive way.  

“I have had the opportunity to meet cancer survivors and women with alopecia and trichotillomania that have trusted me to restore not just their eyebrows, but their confidence,” she says. “It is such a powerful and humbling honor, no matter a client’s story, to have women trust me with such a personal and important enhancement.”  

Current brow services available at Symmetry Microblading include: 

  • Microblading ($400) – hair-like strokes on the brow area allowing the cosmetic tattoo to blend seamlessly with the natural hair to create the illusion of a fuller brow. 
  • Blade and Shade ($475) – this is a combination of microblading while also adding shading to the brow area to create a more filled in effect.  

  • Brow Lamination ($60) – this is a perm for your unruly eyebrow hair! This service relaxes the brow hair to lay in a more uniform fashion to allow for easier styling. 

  • Henna Brows ($60) – bookable in March 2021, this service temporarily dyes both the skin and brow hair creating a sleek bold brow.  

  • Consultations ($30) – thinking about permanent cosmetics but want to talk it through first? Consultations are 30 minutes, and everything from shape, color, and aftercare can be discussed (available for Microblading/Blade and Shade only). 
Symmetry Microblading is currently running a special that includes your consultation fee as a credit toward services when they are booked during this initial meeting. 
Shumaker says that she has big plans for 2021. “I have goals of expanding my certifications and services to include powder brows and combo brows as well as removal services,” she adds.
Symmetry Microblading is located at 11310 Montgomery Road in My Salon Suites of Harper’s Pointe.
To learn more about Symmetry Microblading, visit You can also follow along to see works-in-progress on Instagram.