The Beauty Boost

The Beauty Boost

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Learn about a local organization inspiring you to feel healthy, empowered and beautiful through retreats, fitness meet-ups and a community of like-minded women. 

The Beauty Boost is a space for women to come together to help them feel healthy, empowered, and beautiful.

The Beauty Boost is appropriately named. Founder Rachel Kerr says she created The Beauty Boost to give women a community that helps you feel a boost of confidence and beauty – inside and out – after every interaction.

“A space for women to come together to feel healthy, empowered and beautiful. We do this through fitness, retreat getaways, workout and inspiration partners, life coaching and most importantly, surrounding you with a group of inspiring and like-minded women,” Kerr explains. “We’re your support to create the changes you need in your life. Our mission is to make women, just like you, feel beautiful in all areas of your life.” 

Kerr launched the business in 2015 and is based in Columbus, with community managers in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati.

The inspiration behind starting The Beauty Boost came from a passion to energize and recharge the community. “I heard so many friends talking about how much they disliked their jobs and dreaded their days. I listened to women put each other down and create competition. I searched for a community of inspiring and motivating women but couldn’t seem to find just what I was looking for,” Kerr says. “I would meet amazing women throughout the day who I knew would benefit from being connected to other amazing gals just like you. So I aimed to create a space where women with shared values could come together to motivate one another, inspire each other and create an overall happier lifestyle. That’s why The Beauty Boost was created.”

To Kerr, “Beauty means feeling strong, free and confident in our own skin,: she says. The business defines success by women realizing there is no perfect size or perfect way to live. “You are successful with beauty if you are happy and proud of yourself and are living your best, happiest life,” she explains. 

There are a variety of different services offered through The Beauty Boost and they include: Everyday Inspired Events, Everyday Inspired Facebook Page, Retreats, Membership, Taste of Fitness events, Empowerment Workshops, Socials, Paddleboard Series, Namaste + Craft events. To check out the events going on, go to:

“It is important for people to make the changes in their life they need to feel happy and beautiful in their own skin,” Kerr says. “It can be hard to do this on your own so having a support system and other women loving you for you is important, which is what we bring to the community.”

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