The Black Label Spa Products, LLC

The Black Label Spa Products, LLC

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Read on as we chat with the local lady who created a product line featuring vegan, organically sourced ingredients to make your daily beauty routine feel like a high-end spa treatment.


The Black Label Spa Products offers a natural and organic skincare line.

Inspired by her own sensitivities to beauty products, Adrienne Z. Windham is putting her background in chemistry to work to perfect a natural and organic skincare line. 

In November 2014, she launched The Black Label Spa Products, and has just relocated from Dallas to Cincinnati to look for a retail space. The business is also launching a retail website on May 30. 

According to Windham, all of The Black Label’s spa products are vegan and organically sourced. These products include whipped body butters, emulsified sugar scrubs, spa bath salts, cuticle oils and clay masks that come in three signature scents: lavender, mango and Moroccan lux.

Windham aims to make every day feel like a spa day for her customers. She explains the nature of her products and the importance of organically sourced ingredients: “All of our products are plant-derived with no chemical synthetics,” she says. “Every company that we purchase our raw materials from are certified organic and certified vegan. We wanted to make sure we had vegan raw ingredients because some animal based ingredients in products cause people with eczema or psoriasis to have allergic reactions. We also do not use water in our products which helps them act as a sealant for the moisture in our skin.”

The Lemongrass Sugar Scrub is good for softening legs and arms.

Windham is passionate about all natural beauty products and utilizes that aspect to differentiate her business in the industry. “I saw a need for all natural/vegan products for people with chemical sensitivity and allergies. I myself am allergic to a lot of products. So, one afternoon God gave me the idea to put my skills to good use and start this company,” she explains. “We want our customers from every walk of life to feel like every day is a luxurious spa day in the shower, and that their skin is healthier and in better shape overall from using The Black Label products.”

Windham hopes to eventually open a boutique spa and retail store to build a larger customer base. She is currently working to become a licensed esthetician at Define Institute of Beauty to be able to physically give spa, facial and body treatments with The Black Label Spa Products.

“I love that I can assist people in having healthier, smoother skin whether they are a customer who has a skin condition to someone who has just finished chemotherapy treatments to the everyday person,” Windham says. “It allows me to put my God given skills and expertise to good use helping people.”

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