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Gina Dalessandro and Priscilla Peters, business partners and owners of The Everyday Oilers

You’ve probably heard of “Essential Oils” before, but do you know what they are, where they come from, or how they can benefit you and your family? If you have questions, The Everyday Oilers have answers.

Gina Dalessandro and Priscilla Peters, business partners and owners of The Everyday Oilers, began hosting and teaching Essential Oils classes in April 2014. By June, due to an overwhelming response, they decided to construct a plan to take their business to the next level.

They focused on incorporating into their growing business both their passion for helping others, and educating people on how to improve their lives; in this case, using essential oils. “After teaching another successful class in June, we looked at each other and both agreed that we have a real opportunity here in Cincinnati to grow our business,” says Dalessandro. In August of 2014, The Everyday Oilers was officially launched.

Dalessandro and Peters developed the brand “The Everyday Oilers” to represent their education and personal use of essential oils into their everyday lives. “You don’t have to be a certain age to use them or be a female vs. a male. [They] are literally beneficial for the everyday person and they can and should be used every day,” says Peters.

So, what are essential oils? According to Dalessandro, essential oils are concentrated plant extracts. These oils are part of the plant’s immune system that are extracted from the plant’s roots, leaves, bark, stems and flowers. The oils provide restorative, preventative, healing, and calming benefits for your health and immunity.

The Everyday Oilers offer up a unique line of product called, Young Living Essential Oils. The independent distributor is the largest grower, distiller, and producer of therapeutic-grade essential oils with six farms around the world. “Quality and purity are so important because these products are meant to improve our health and support our body. If a person is using an essential oil that is poor in quality and purity, it goes against the goal of improving health,” adds Dalessandro.

The two express that their goal is to help people find health, wellness and lifestyle resources through Young Living Essential Oils. “We need essential oils because today, more than ever, we are daily being exposed to numerous chemicals that compromise our immunity,” says Peters. “Consider the amount of exposure we have to chemicals through medications, cleaning products, personal hygiene products, air fresheners, and the food we eat every day. Essential oils help our bodies fight these toxins and boost our immunities!”

The two further their own knowledge on oils by attending expos and events, and speaking from their own personal experiences through their website. This allows them the chance to offer Essential Oils 101 classes to the public, and share info through social media.

The Everyday Oilers provide services such as an Essential Oils 101 class every month. In addition to their classes, an oil giveaway runs once a month through their Facebook Group. “We will continue to update our blog through our website regularly as our knowledge and experience with essential oils continues to grow,” says Dalessandro.

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