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Dr. Pratha Atluri, Owner of Transform MedSpa

It’s summer, the kids are busier than ever, you have a million and one things on your to-do list, and relaxing at a spa just isn’t one of them.


If that sounds like you, Dr. Pratha Atluri, MD, owner of Transform MedSpa, says you’re her ideal client. Atluri, says the thing she’s enjoyed most over her nine years in practice is helping busy women invest a small amount of time for a big result.


“It is for the modern woman who is constantly multi-tasking and who puts work and family before herself,” Atluri explains. “Transform MedSpa helps provide her with the best treatments and services so that beauty never has to be a compromise.”


Equipped with a team of professionals including estheticians, registered nurse and other support staff, Atluri says her goal is to provide industry-leading products and services at affordable prices. “Our office is home to the most advanced, cutting edge tools and technology in the market to ensure the best results safely,” she adds.


According to Atluri, one of the most popular services at Transform MedSpa is the medically monitored weight loss service, as it helps clients looking to alter their habits for a healthier lifestyle with a doctor there every step of the way. Transform MedSpa also offers the option of minimally invasive or non-invasive liposuction and body sculpting – such as Vaserlipo, Smartlipo, and non-invasive fat loss Vasershape — for those who want quicker results.


Clients also have a range of skin services and products to choose from for all skin types. Those services include depth skin analysis, wrinkle treatments, laser hair removal, laser treatment of veins photo facials, and medical spa services such as chemical peels and hydrafacial.


Atluri is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology in the United Kingdom. She is board certified in Internal Medicine and Bariatric Medicine and is a member of the American Society of Cosmetic Physicians and the American Academy of Anti-Aging.


But even with all the education and professional licensures, Atluri says she didn’t realize what was needed in the field until she began her General Practice and made some important observations. “Most medical problems stemmed from weight gain, poor diet and lack of guidance in how to lose weight and pursue a healthy lifestyle,” Atluri says. “After noticing the relationship between poor diet and health issues, I decided to open Medical Weight Management Center in 2005 which later became Transform MedSpa.”


She then, Atluri has dedicated her time to medically-monitored weight loss and fat loss. “It started off focusing only on medically monitored weight loss, with low calorie diet plans, behavior coaching, protein supplements and appetite suppressants for faster and safe weight loss.”


Atluri and her team plan on introducing newer products and even better technology as the business continues to grow. Some of those new offerings include anti-aging and hormone replacement treatments, haircare to restore and reverse hair loss, skin tightening, stretch marks, and cellulite. “We want to constantly update our services and provide the latest and cutting edge technologies that are proven to be effective and safe as and when they are introduced to the aesthetic world,” she says


Transform MedSpa is located at 9050 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, Ohio. To learn more, visit or call 513-793-6100.