Vixens 4 Veterans Pin-Up Calendar

Vixens 4 Veterans Pin-Up Calendar

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Learn about a Cincinnati-based pin-up model who founded a charity that raises funds for veteran organizations through a pin-up calendar, featuring authentic WWII military equipment and airplanes.

Vixens 4 Veterans released its 2015 Pin-Up Calendar to support veterans.
Vixens 4 Veterans released its 2015 Pin-Up Calendar to support veterans.

Local vixens are supporting veterans through a first-ever 2015 pin-up style calendar dedicated to war veterans, produced by Vixens 4 Veterans.

“It features pin up models in military-style settings and various facts on numerous war heroes,” explains Morgan Abercrombie from The Eisen Agency, the PR firm representing the initiative.

Vixens 4 Veterans is a charity organization that’s based in Cincinnati. Every year, it raises funds for veteran organizations, more specifically for veterans who suffer from PTSD and those who are considering suicide.

The organization was founded in January 2014 by Cincinnati-based pin-up model BrittanyJean alongside Australian commercial and pin-up photographer Mark Greenmantle.

The calendar was published in December 2014 and features pin-up photographs for each month of the year, alongside military equipment including airplanes.

The cost of the 28-page calendar is $20 and 100 percent of the profits are donated to a veteran organization.

The organizations this year including the following:

· Boot Campaign, which uses funding to create jobs, housing, wellness, urgent assistance and family support;

· RuckHQ, a veteran-owned project development and management holding company;

· Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW);

· Soldier On, an organization committed to aiding service members with PTSD and other injuries;

· Mates 4 Mates, an Australian defense service and veterans support organization; and,

· Legacy Australia, a non-profit organization that provides assistance to veterans’ families.

In addition to the pin-up calendar, the duo hopes to generate enough sponsorships and endorsements for another Vixens 4 Veterans world tour.

Not only does Vixens 4 Veterans produce its pin-up calendar but it also sells prints, books, postcards and other merchandise to help generate funding for the veterans organizations its supports.

To learn more, visit the Vixens 4 Veterans website or like them on Facebook.