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One local business owner is making it easy, convenient, affordable and toxin-free to get a healthy glow. Learn more about her new mobile sunless tanning and laser teeth whitening services.

YouGlow is a mobile sunless tanning and laser teeth whitening business servicing Greater Cincinnati.

Having a confidence-building bright smile and glowing skin is something everyone deserves. That’s the idea behind Amber Conerly’s business YouGlow, a new mobile sunless tanning and laser teeth whitening business that services Greater Cincinnati.

“I used to lay in tanning beds when I wanted an extra glow to my skin – until I learned how harmful they can be,” says Conerly. “I started researching and found that spray tanning was a popular alternative in states like California, Nevada and Florida.”

However, unlike most salons and tanning companies that offer spray tanning with automated machines, Conerly wanted an actual person to do the tan. After not being able to find any services like this that were affordable, she started looking into what it would take for her to offer the service herself.

“I kept on my research for over a year to ensure that I found the perfect solutions that were both healthy for the skin and gave the same results as a tanning bed,” says Conerly. “I wanted to bring something different to the table rather than just opening another tanning type location – I wanted my services to be convenient, affordable and also make my clients feel important.”

So, when YouGlow launched in April 2015, mobility was one of Conerly’s biggest priorities – ensuring that you can get a healthy alternative to traditional tanning without leaving your house. YouGlow comes to your home, office, gym, or anywhere else you may need them.

“When you use our services we offer a ‘No Orange’ guarantee and give you a glow in just 15 minutes!” says Conerly. “You will stay golden for 7 to 10 days – even longer if you follow our maintenance instructions and choose to use some of our after tan products. There is no mess and you are dry within minutes.”

After three months of being in business, YouGlow expanded their services with adding laser teeth whitening. “Unlike the tanning you do not have to come back to get your glow back,” says Conerly. “With the whitening, you can maintain your bright smile on your own or you can come back when you feel like you need a touch up – depending on one’s individual habits.”

A client being spray tanned in the mobile booth.
A client being spray tanned in the mobile booth.

For the holiday season, YouGlow will also be offering gift certificates at a discounted rate for all services, which can be mailed or delivered to you directly. “We offer many options for your business as well,” says Conerly. “Teeth Whitening is a great gift for your employees and family members.”

In the future, Conerly hopes to open a YouGlow location that will house more popular beauty services and beauty items that are not harmful – but will still make you look and feel great. “We also hope to expand to other areas and help people who may want to start up a YouGlow in their area,” she adds.

“My clients know that they can trust me with their skin and their smiles,” Conerly says. “Not only do I care about making you feel great I also make sure that everything I carry or use on clients is not harmful to you. So, with YouGlow you are getting great results, great pricing and great products that you can feel happy about.”

To learn more about YouGlow, visit their website, check out their Facebook or give them a call at (513) 370-4587.

“We like to be directly connected with our clients,” says Conerly. “You can text, e-mail or call us to schedule an appointment or ask questions.”