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 Zuri Handmade soaps

Zuri is a Swahili word meaning beauty. A new local company makes products that’ll give new (and all-natural) life to your Zuri.


Zuri Handmade was launched January 1, 2013 by Lauren Davis and Rachel Adams. “We are an all-natural bath, body and home based company located in Cincinnati, OH,” says Davis. “We hand make every single product we sell.” They sell everything from natural soap, vegan shampoo for hair to raw ingredients like extra virgin coconut oil, shea butter, and many natural ingredients that DIY’ers love.


Zuri Handmade uses natural, organic, unrefined and raw ingredients. “We purchase from co-ops that are certified organic and fair trade when possible,” explains Davis. “Ingredients are important to our customers because many lead lifestyles where they want no animal byproducts in their body products.” According to Davis, they use a lot of oils such as, sweet almond, coconut oil, aragon, rice bran and butters such as shea, cocoa, kokum, and illipe butters.


This local business can also customize the products they make. “We’re all about making this an experience for customers,”explains Davis. “So for instance, if you have an allergy to coconut oil, which happens to be the main ingredients in our body butter, we can substitute coconut oil for different natural oil you can use and that will also be good for your skin.” In other words, don’t let an ingredient scare you because you can completely customize your beauty products for your individual needs.


“We make whipped, fluffy body butters, exfoliating scrubs, lotion bars, deodorant, shower gel, whipped soap, eczema cream, scar cream, healing salve, beard butter, baby balm, baby body butter, soy candles, face polish, facial cleansing oil, shampoo, conditioner, leave ins, hair oil, body oil, deep conditioners,” explains Davis. “This includes soaps and natural hair products that are good for your skin, even the most sensitive skin by providing chemical-free skin care.” Custom gift baskets are offered, as well.


What’s new on the horizon for Zuri Handmade? “We have a few new products and soaps coming out this month,” explains Davis. “It is really exciting, but we are actually looking to go into a brick and mortar very soon.” As for the pick-up of products, there will be a new location for customers to do that soon. Currently there is a big following on the East coast and in Texas. “We are in different states doing shows,” says Davis adding that this summer will be filled with traveling and promoting their products at various expos and shows.


For more information, visit www.zurihandmade.com.