Bring Mama Mimi’s Home for the Holidays

Bring Mama Mimi’s Home for the Holidays

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Pair the fresh lineup of vegetables and cheeses in Mama Mimi’s Veggie Lasagna with the
brightness of fine tannins of Underwood’s Pinot Noir (available at all three Cincinnati locations)!


The holidays are here, and so are all those great family gatherings and food galore. But that doesn’t mean you need to slave away in the kitchen making all the food, and then succumb to elastic waistband pants from eating it all.


Mama Mimi’s makes family nights fun and stress-free. You can have all the healthy, freshly made meals you see on Pinterest but don’t have the time to make. They’re made-to-order, too. So, if little Johnny is gluten intolerant, order up a gluten free pizza. If mom doesn’t like mushrooms, just tell them to hold those and load up on spinach instead.


While Mama Mimi’s is known for their gourmet take ‘n’ bake pizzas, they also have delicious lasagnas, pastas, calzones, salads, and cookies, too. Click here to view their full menu. Oh, and since you’re making it a family night, click here to download Mama Mimi’s fun family games.

If your family loves their libations, make sure you chat with the in house wine-beer experts at Mama Mimi’s so they can assist and give recommendations on the perfect pairings and serving suggestions. Click here to view their spirits selection.


Once you submit your order online, just pick it up, throw it in the oven, and by the time the table is set, you’ll have a fresh, delicious, hot meal. Plus, you’ll love that you didn’t sacrifice health for ease, and you spent your time with family and not the four walls of your kitchen.


To learn more, watch our exclusive webcast with Mama Mimi’s below.

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