Grass Roots Nutrition: Bottled Up

Grass Roots Nutrition: Bottled Up

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Dear Holly: Do we really need eight glasses of water each day? -Bottled Up


Dear Bottled Up:
Water serves many important functions in our body. How much we need to drink changes day to day and depends on how much we move, the temperature and humidity, how much we eat and more.


The best way to know your hydration status is by checking out the color if your urine; light yellow to clear indicates adequate hydration. Anything darker means you’re ready for more water, so bottoms up! Be aware, certain medications, supplements and vitamins can alter the color of your urine, as can beets.


Why not wait until you’re thirsty? Our thirst mechanism is not terribly accurate to begin with and declines with age. By the time you notice thirst, you may already need a glass or two of water.


Did you know that much of the bottled water sold is just tap water? Most of those bottles end up in the trash for an enormous environmental impact. Our tap water is clean, reliable and affordable, so grab a reusable bottle, fill it up and skip the plastic.


Beyond a reusable bottle of tap water, we obtain a significant amount of water from our diet. From fruits to vegetables and soups to yogurt, our foods can contribute significantly to our hydration status. We actually make a small amount of our water too. This is called metabolic water and occurs, for example, when we link two amino acids together. Each connection made spits out one water molecule!


Adequate hydration is important for many reasons. Water helps to maintain a stable temperature, to transport nutrients to each cell and move waste away. It also lubricates and cushions your joints and actively participates in many chemical reactions.


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