Grass Roots Nutrition: Food for the Road

Grass Roots Nutrition: Food for the Road

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Dear Holly – Any tips for eating well while on the road? – Big Wheels


Dear Big Wheels – Many of us are tackling road trips to reach business destinations or to enjoy some vacation, so eating well on the road is a great topic to discuss this week!


While it is quite simple to stop at the nearest drive-through, you will save money and extra calories if you do a bit of planning ahead and pack a cooler.


The most important part is to stay hydrated. If you are trying to be a road warrior and avoid pit stops at any cost, you may quickly become dehydrated. How to know? Check the color of your urine next time you visit the loo. Light to clear urine indicates adequate hydration, yellow means you need to drink more. I pack a giant reusable water bottle to conserve my hydration status, the environment and my wallet. Triple win!


Iced coffee packs quite well. Brew coffee using your usual amount of coffee grounds but half your normal water amount. Add ice et voila: iced-coffee! Sweeten and add milk as you wish. I sometimes add vanilla extract or cinnamon powder.


Cut-up fruits and vegetables are easy to munch on, won’t get the car seats greasy and take a while to chew through. Perfect for the car! My favorites are apple slices, strawberries and melon. I usually pack fruit in a reusable container and include a fork so my hands don’t get sticky. My favorite veggies are cucumber slices, sweet bell pepper slices, pea pods and carrot sticks.


PB sandwiches are way less expensive than burgers, have more nutrition to offer and are easy to make. Mix it up by using a whole-wheat tortilla and you don’t have to worry about the bread getting squished.


Peeled hard boiled eggs are an easy source of protein. Cook the eggs, cool, peel and rinse off. Dry the eggs and sprinkle on some salt and pepper. Trail mix can be a great choice, but be wary of calories quickly accumulating. Dried fruit and nuts are very healthy foods, but their healthy portion is quite small. Other candy add-ins are still candy, even if a part of a mix.


I love to use my air popper to pop popcorn. The appliance is inexpensive and the corn kernels are too. If you skip the butter, you taste the actual taste of the corn, which is a bit nutty. Who knew? And if you skip the fats for the car trip, you’ll save your car from greasy hand prints.


Focus on games for entertainment instead of food. Long car trips can wear on the best of us, so be sure to pack audio books, podcasts and a good playlist for the driver, and games for any passengers.


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