Grass Roots Nutrition: Pantry Staples

Grass Roots Nutrition: Pantry Staples

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Dear Holly: What pantry staples do you have on hand? -Stumped about Stocking


Dear Stumped: Having healthy pantry staples is an important foundation to cooking good meals and can be the difference between pulling dinner together and ordering out. Meals do not have to be expensive, nor do they have to be fancy to be delicious and nutritious.


Canned beans: from soups and stews, to refried beans, an addition to salads or salsas, beans can add nutrition and fiber to any dish. They’re low in cost and are ready when you are. Think you don’t like beans? Start with lentils – they’re easier to sneak into a dish.


Potatoes get a bad reputation because we are eating them most often in unhealthy way – hello, french fries and potato chips! Plain potatoes and sweet potatoes are full of good nutrients. Nuke them for a quick “baked” potato and top with broccoli and cheese or chili and plain greek yogurt. You can even “bake” them in your slow cooker, on low, while you away at work or school.


Eggs are an excellent source of protein and key vitamins and minerals. From hard boiled to poached, eggs are fast and delicious. I always have local, free range eggs in my fridge!


Frozen fruits and veggies are just as (or more) nutritious than fresh or canned veggies. They are affordable, ready to use and won’t get lost in a corner of your refrigerator and grow fur. Saute frozen peppers and onions to fill a quick omelette, blend frozen berries to make a smoothie and you are ready for a delicious and fast meal!


Nut butters are delicious and versatile. Look for butters with only one or two ingredients – the nut and salt. Skip anything with the word hydrogenated on the label. I like nut butters on toast, in smoothies, for dinner in a quick peanut noodle dish and by the spoonful for a lovely snack.


More pantry staples, how to read labels, what ingredients to avoid and other key tasks are all covered in my grocery store tour. From “natural” to “organic,” “low-fat” to “trans-fat free,” manufacturers use buzzwords to sell products. They are invested in sales, whereas I am invested in your health. Schedule a grocery store tour today. Properly stocking your kitchen with excellent food is the foundation to your health and wellness.


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